Two Revolutions around the Sun!

ADDA completes Two Years of causing delight to Home Owners, Tenants and Association Offices!

With twenty four months of listening to our customers and curating the application suite, ApartmentAdda has become India’s leading communication, management & [tag]accounting portal[/tag] for MDUs, with the maximum paying customers.

In the year that was, ApartmentAdda has taken three giant steps towards building the ecosystem that serves MDUs:

1. Estate Managers’ Workshops: Making Estate Managers tech savvy, imparting a computing skill that is unique to their profession, and building a community that shares knowledge and helps each other grow in their work life. [Link]

2. The Buzzar: Providing the vendors for Facility Management, Security Services etc. a  presence on a targeted platform where Association Offices can find their offerings and USPs easily.[Link]

3. Payment Gateway: ApartmentAdda became the only portal with which a Residential Association in India can use a Payment Gateway for Residents to remit payment to the Association.[Link]

Today, we take the opportunity to thank all our users who spoke about us in the Media, to their colleagues at the coffee machines, and even fought battles in Association meetings to get their people on Adda!  We march ahead with the support and confidence that our users vest in us.

Three cheers to the Two years!

ADDA turns Two!

Note: MDU  = Multi Dwelling Unit.

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  1. Hello Lt Col Jacob, Thank you! We’ll sure try our best, and add the roses in as well!

    Hello Anandh, thank you for your wishes and support.

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