Balcony Safety in Apartment Buildings

As more and more Apartment Buildings are scaling new heights, the concern regarding highrise balcony safety is mounting. Most builders walk the thin line between aesthetics and safety, trying to strike the balance.

Facts and best practices about Balcony grills and safety measures

Per National Building Code, any slab or balcony that is at a height 2 metres or  more from the ground, must have safety railings or grill.

Per the same code, the height of the Grill should not be less than 4 feet.

For Balconies frequented by children, grills should not have horizontal rails but vertical ones. Horizontal rails are very easy and tempting for children to climb.Gap between adjacent rails should not be more than 4- 4.5 inches.

Chairs and other furniture are best avoided in Balconies frequented by small children.Any furniture placed should be heavy enough so children cannot move them close to the railings.

Access Doors to balconies must have latches placed high enough, out of reach of small children.

In case the Balcony needs to be enclosed for safety purposes, most Housing Societies/RWAs have approved Grill designs that are uniformly installed in all Flats. Doing so maintains the uniformity and aesthetics of the property while giving Safety the utmost importance. Using Grill Installing vendors approved by the Society also ensures that the vendor is aware of the enhancement do’s and dont’s  of the Society.

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