Facility Booking Upgrades

Dear ADDA Users,

We have released a bunch of upgrades on your Facility Booking Application.

1. Introducing “Tatkal Period”

For facilities with huge demand, you can now set the number of days before which a facility can be booked. This can be set by editing a facility.

2. Introducing “No Booking Period”

Now the Association / Society can block members from booking within certain time periods. E.g., if there is a Tennis class every Saturday and Sunday between 4pm to 5pm – the Tennis Court can be blocked and no booking can happen during this time. This can be set by editing a facility.

3. Control Notifications to Admins.

The admins can now choose to receive an Email alert, whenever a booking happens. This setting is done in Setup Tab of Facility Tracker.

4. SMS Confirmation

When a booking is confirmed ( after payment is made for the facility ) – a confirmation SMS is now sent to the member booking the facility. This will come from LM-MYADDA and this confirmation message can replace any paper workflow your Society might be having for Facility Booking. We drew inspiration from Indian Railways for this. This can be set in Setup Tab of Facility Tracker.

Thanks to Sobha Petunia and Klassik Benchmark for their inputs towards this enhancement.

Happy Diwali Folks!

Enjoy your ADDA!

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