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This is it! ADDA Clubhouse is finally here to make clubhouse management organised, easy and on one single platform. 

ADDA Clubhouse Management

The apartment community Clubhouse is THE most underrated treasure trove in any gated community. An entire plethora of facilities remain unused or are misused. Reason? Lack of a centralised management system. ADDA Clubhouse is the answer to management committee members’ headache of utilising the facilities to their full potential.

So Why ADDA Clubhouse?

Excellent question! Your apartment community clubhouse holds the prospect of increasing revenue manifold. All it requires, is an integrated system to make facility booking easier. ADDA’s ability to be flexible enables management communities to customise their clubhouse management according to their community guidelines. It assists in coalescing revenue collection, facility maintenance and clubhouse security in one app. 

Advantages of ADDA Clubhouse 

The most significant advantage is to turn the Clubhouse into a golden egg laying goose. Unlike the fable, this goose will only lay more and more golden eggs in time. 

The management committee decides the access permission for clubhouse facilities. Maintenance defaulters can be barred from using the clubhouse until dues are cleared. 

A single integrated platform allows management committee to relay activity and facility information to residents, creating higher awareness of privileges available on campus. This in turn, leads to more bookings. Higher bookings generate higher revenues.

ADDA Clubhouse provides a separate book for tracking only Clubhouse revenue. Income, expenses and budgeting can be worked out through the app itself while sitting in the comfort of your house. Comparison of annual balance sheets help to strategise further improvement in clubhouse revenue models.

Automated door access management helps to monitor security and track entries and exits to the clubhouse. Security is a major part of successful clubhouse management. It can even track third party presence in your community’s clubhouse. With ADDA Clubhouse, managing guest facility booking is orderly. Coupled with integrated biometric system to track users, this assists in opening clubhouse usage to third parties securely. More the booking, more the return on investments.

What does ADDA Clubhouse offer?

Well, just about everything you need for smooth clubhouse management.

Management committees can customise bookings based on slots, hours or day(s). It gives residents the options to book the clubhouse according to their need and convenience. Therefore, multiple parties can use the clubhouse on the same day. 

Easy payment options through online payment gateways and UPI to avoid delays or hassles in payments. The records are synced to the app for all relevant members to see, thereby, increasing transparency. Timely payments help to constantly increase revenues. The Clubhouse becomes a sustainable income source for the community – it earns not only to maintain itself but also contributes to community development as a whole.

ADDA Clubhouse ManagementSubscription based payment methods and pay-as-you-go methods encourage more residents and tenants to use the facilities available literally at their doorstep. Guarantee of easy refund set-up encourage more facility bookings.

ADDA Clubhouse is the 21st century automated mechanism needed to step up apartment management. At ADDA, we aim to build sustainable communities. Then why not target financial sustainability too? Let your clubhouse be the genie in the bottle paving the way for all your apartment community wishes coming true.

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