How to be a successful OAM?

How To Be A Successful OAM?

Managing an apartment community was never a child’s play and will never be one. It requires immense time, effort, dedication and commitment to ensure a community runs smoothly. Therefore, Owners…

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ADDA at FM EXPO 2018 Dubai

ADDA at FM EXPO 2018, Dubai – Report

FM EXPO is one of the largest Facility Management events in the world. In 2018, ADDA was one of the proud exhibitors at the prestigious FM EXPO 2018 which was…

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UAE Gears Up For Yawm Al Watani

UAE is gearing up to celebrate its 46th National Day or Yawm Al Watani on December 2, 2017. As the seven Emirates prepare for the celebrations, excitement can be visibly…

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Top 5 Tiniest Micro Apartments in the World

Hello, readers! Remember our post on world’s top 10 tallest residential buildings? Well, we’ve decided to cover the opposite end of the size spectrum this time. Here’s our list of…

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Hurricane Safety Precautions: How to Stay Safe During Hurricanes

In the wake of Harvey & Irma, the two deadly hurricanes that have been wreaking havoc across the U.S., it makes it only necessary that people around the world take…

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Why The Grenfell Burned – The Grenfell Fire

The Grenfell Fire On the night of June 14th, 2017, the world watched in silent horror as the Grenfell Tower blazed in a raging fire. News channels all over the…

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Top 10 Most Unique Residential Buildings In The World

Aaanddd we’re back with yet another “Top 10” post. This time, it’s not just about one aspect of a building, but a collection of aspects that make it unique. Hmm…..

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Top 10 Tallest Residential Buildings In The World

Hello dear readers! We are gearing up to take up the fun quotient of our blog by several notches and in line with that, we decided to roll out some…

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