Gated Communities & Integrated Townships on the Rise – But how to Manage?

A massive Lifestyle Change: Since the early 2000s gated communities have seen a remarkable rise in Indian Real Estate. The trend for communities with private living, high security, and advanced…

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Future of residential buildings

Future of Residential Buildings

Did you know apartment living dates back to the 3rd century? Researchers have found traces of 3-7 storied buildings in ancient Rome during that period! But how has it evolved…

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How Communication plays a vital role in the Real estate industry

How Communication plays a vital role in the Real Estate Industry!

I am sure everyone had instances where they wanted to say something and it came out totally wrong! Maybe it had the opposite effect as well. Proper communication is much…

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Why RERA ?

To protect the home buyers and to improve the real estate economy, the parliament of India brought “The real estate Regulation and Development Act” which is a set of guidelines…

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