When Your Trash Feels Like A Million Bucks

What if we told you, whatever you throw away in that waste bin can earn you a few extra bucks? Would it make you look at your bin twice and…

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  We ADDAites cannot keep calm because the Rise High Awards 2019 – The Oscars of Community Management is finally here!  The Rise High Awards was conceptualized to honor the…

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Ivory Towers Co-operative Housing Society – Say NO to Plastic

Plastic. The boon of modern times that has quickly changed into a bane. There is absolutely no possibility of looking around and not finding a plastic carry-bag aimlessly loitering around….

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Out Of Sight; But Never Out Of Mind

Shobha Dahlia – Waste Segregation “Out of sight, out of mind” Not for the residents of Shobha Dahlia. The residents of this Bengaluru apartment complex took the conscious decision to…

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DIY Home Renovation Ideas

Everyone wants a home that looks and feels lovely. There is something about coming home to a well decorated, warm and tidy house that gives you an immediate sense of…

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Domestic Staff and Workers Welfare and Security

Domestic Staff Welfare: Expert Talk Sessions

Domestic Staff Welfare is a topic which isn’t frequented in public forums, even though considering the gravity of it and how integral it is to society. People have been working…

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Sustainable Landscaping in Apartment Complex

Sustainable Landscaping in Apartment Complex – Solutions & Benefits

Neighborhoods of Tomorrow, a unique workshop for Apartment Complex Residents and Management Committees was hosted and organized by ADDA on 8th September 2018 at Royal Orchid Hotel Bangalore. With over…

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Neighborhoods of Tomorrow 2018 – Comprehensive Report

Neighborhoods of Tomorrow 2018, a signature event hosted by ADDA, was conducted on 8th of September at Hotel Royal Orchid.  It was a gathering of management committees, subject matter experts…

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Rise High Stories: Water Management

The final blog on the winners is here! In today’s world Water is one the most important factors as the groundwater levels are depleting for several reasons which include both…

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Domestic Staff Welfare

Rise High Stories: Domestic Staff Welfare

Domestic Staff Welfare is one of the most overlooked activities in communities because many don’t realise that in the case of communities, the association is the employer and the staffs…

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