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Hurricane Safety Precautions: How to Stay Safe During Hurricanes

In the wake of Harvey & Irma, the two deadly hurricanes that have been wreaking havoc across the U.S., it makes it only necessary that people around the world take a moment to realise that disaster can come your way anytime. If you live in an apartment complex, you have the opportunity now to bring…

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Stay At Home Moms – The Power Packed, Talent Pool

Women have always been considered as the backbone of a family. And why wouldn’t they be? In their presence, children bloom, spouses excel at their careers and the sacrifices such women make are what gives the entire family that extra push. Very often, we see working women quit successful jobs to become happy homemakers. These…

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Rainwater Harvesting In Apartment Complexes

This is an urban prophecy that many of us would’ve come across. It seems silly, but sit down and process that sentence. Our survival revolves around water and it’s hydrating properties. A day without enough water is enough to damage your kidneys and subsequently send you into multi-organ failure. All the money, all the wealth,…

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