Society Billing Software

Society Billing Software – A Resident Must Have in 2020

Even two decades back, the ideal of owning a house meant finding the right land in an appropriate location; finding the best architects to bring your dream to reality, contacting…

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ADDA Software

Tackling The Accounting Bull – By The Horns

Having accounting responsibilities is no mean feat. Several thousands, sometimes lakhs and crores of money have to be tracked by the individual(s) in charge of the accounts of any establishment…

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Doing Your Society Maintenance.

Doing Your Society Maintenance – The Easy Way

Maintenance – the one word capable of sending shivers down the spine of any management committee member. With gated communities expanding like never before, the number of individuals responsible to…

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Cooperative Housing Society Accounting - Best Practices

Cooperative Housing Society Accounting – Best Practices

Picture this – a well maintained gated community, lush green garden, shiny apartment blocks as good as new – however, the complex is almost a decade old. What could possibly…

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Accounting Software for Apartment Complex

Pros and Cons of Using Accounting Software for Apartment Complexes

It’s the good, the bad, (and sometimes the ugly) that makes our lives so exciting. There is not a single aspect of existence that only has advantages. So why should…

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Introducing Budgeting module in ADDA!

Budgeting. It’s that wonderful exercise, which you do to tell your money where to go, instead of wondering where it went. To give you more control towards managing finances of…

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GST Exemption Limit in ADDA raised to Rs. 7500

As per recommendations made by GST Council granting relief from GST on services provided by Resident Welfare Association, we have raised the GST exemption for residents to Rs. 7500 in…

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GST Press Release: On Services provided by RWA (Resident Welfare Association / Housing Society

Below is a Press Release from the government of India to rest various speculations around applicability of GST for Housing Societies.  There are some press reports that services provided by a…

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GST is LIVE on your ADDA!

As India prepares for this revolutionary change in tax system, your ADDA is now ready with relevant changes on GST. All the service tax settings where ever applicable have been moved…

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2017: GST & Housing Societies

Goods & Services Tax (GST) is being labelled as one of the most impactful economic reforms to be implemented in last few decades. Here are some Expert Articles written by industry…

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