Apartment Security

Conventional Security Systems v/s Modern Security Systems in Apartment Complexes

What comes to your mind when you think of a gated community by a prominent builder? Acres of manicured lawns, gardens, happy families, state of the art amenities, pools, people…

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Make Gated Communities Secure for Children

A 12-year-old child. Raped by 17 Men. For 7 months. In a Gated Community. All of us who have read this news would have first tried to hold back tears,…

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8 Tips to be the Rockstar Managing Committee member

Did you just get elected into the Managing Committee of your Apartment/Villa Community? Congratulations! You get the opportunity of running a small town. The opportunity to build a small prototype…

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Mahadevpura MLA candidates Open Forum

An open forum with all major election candidates from Mahadevpura constituency in Bengaluru was held on Sunday, 29th April 2018. It was organised by citizens group Whitefield rising with support…

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Agrihood Blog

Agrihood: Real Estate, Community Farming & Food

There are more than 7 billion of us in the world, who at least have two meals a day but it’s shocking that only less than 2% of the population…

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Proud to host Vedaanta – A Nurturing Home For Seniors

Helping seniors who are staying independently in Homes, either by choice or due to their circumstances is Vedaanta – a pioneer in building retirement communities. Today Vedaanta become the largest…

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The Sustainable City Goes Live On ADDA!

ADDA is proud to announce that one of Dubai’s most discussed properties, spanning across 46-hectares – The Sustainable City, is now live on ADDA! We are proud that The Sustainable…

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Smart City Mission In India And Its Impact On Real Estate

What differentiates a city like Dubai from cities found in India? Better planning, better infrastructure, more jobs and efficient administration systems that make use of the latest technology. Well, good…

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All You Need To Know About Renters Insurance

  Renters insurance or tenants insurance as it is called in some places, is a fairly unfamiliar term among Indians. After all, who purchases insurance on a house that is…

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Apartment Complexes: The Better Option For Senior Citizens

In Bangalore, in an independent house tucked away in a small street, lived a man with his wife, kids and 77 yr old dad. The man and his wife were…

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