7 Reasons why we should use Apartment Management Software and not Ledgers

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Gate Management Ledgers Anymore

It’s 2019. Yet apartment complexes around the world are severely dependant on entirely manual systems to manage their communities. Remember the time when people were still wary to let their…

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GateKeeper in Dubai

GateKeeper in Dubai – Modern City Problems Require Modern Solutions

Dubai has been witnessing a steady drop in crime rates, making it one of the safest cities in the world. The occurrences are low enough to give a feeling of…

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App Based Visitor Management Systems Vs ADDA GateKeeper Apartment Security

App Based Visitor Management Systems There are a few App based visitor management systems for apartment complex security gates, who replicate the digital visitor entry module of ADDA GateKeeper. They connect the…

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