Emergency Numbers for Cyclone Nivar – Chennai

Tamil Nadu, we are with you through Cyclone Nivar. Here’s a list of Cyclone Nivar Emergency Numbers to contact, just in case : Toll Free Emergency Helpline : 1913Chennai Corporation…

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Contact-less Visitor Entry

Contact-Less Visitor Entry – With Zero Hardware Cost

COVID-19 has been the cause of several innovations in the field of Technology. ADDA has been on an Innovation & Enhancement roll since the beginning of the year. ADDA ERP…

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Apartment Association Election for Society Management

Online Ballot For Association Election

Would you be one of those communities who are thinking hard of how to conduct their committee or apartment association election this year? If yes, read on. ADDA has amazing…

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Covid Care Centre

COVID-19 Care Centres In Apartments – The What, Why & How

Please Note : COVID-19 Care Centre is only a support to existing medical infrastructure. Government guidelines dictate hospitalisation for patients displaying serious symptoms, children, pregnant women, senior citizens and persons…

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Society Billing And Accounting

All You Need To Know About Society Billing And Accounting

If you are the Treasurer of your Management Committee, you have by now realised housing society billing and accounting is no mean feat. In fact, society billing can get very…

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Home Quarantine Tracker

New Launch – Home Quarantine Tracker

It is established that the most impactful way of containing Spread of Covid-19 is to strictly follow Home Quarantine. Different Cities/Communities have different Criteria, as well as Rules for following…

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ADDA App now has a New UI

This blog post introduces the brand new UI of the ADDA App. It gives a peek into the driving force to change the UI, the challenges faced and the singular objective that caused the birth and successful accomplishment of this change.

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Steps being taken by Residential Communities to fight COVID-19

With Schools closed, Malls shuttered, and most offices declaring Work-From-Home, everyone is at home! This means the onus on Apartment Communities is greater to keep everyone safe and contain the…

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8 Tips to be the Rockstar Apartment Association Member

Did you just get elected into the Apartment Association of your Apartment/Villa Community? Congratulations! You get the opportunity of running a small town. The opportunity to build a small prototype…

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ADDA RevGen : An Innovative Apartment Revenue Generation Programme

Money usually makes the world go round. It’s a fact in stone and we cannot ignore it. The Founders of ADDA realised way back in 2009 the importance of Financial…

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Data Privacy in ADDA

The Vision of Data Privacy in ADDA

Data privacy – for over half a decade this phrase has gradually but surely entered our daily parlance. As consumers we have been made aware of the significance of our…

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MC’s Guide to Selecting the Best Society Management Software

If you are a member of the owners association committee of a gated residential community and if you are confused about deciding which management software to purchase for your community,…

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Best Gate Management System

Best Gate Management System – Top 5 Questions To Ask

Security has always been one of the primary concerns for any housing society or gated community. Back in the good old days, this security was taken care of by our…

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Responsibilities of Society Management

Roles & Responsibilities of A Society Management Committee

Resident Welfare Associations are vital to the overall upkeep of a Community’s health. Every community irrespective of its size has four major requirements – social harmony, administrative unity, financial security…

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Rights & Duties of tenants

Rights & Duties of Tenants In A Housing Society

Fun fact : Did you know that in a standard gated community, close to 40% of the resident population is tenants? In such a scenario, where tenancy is increasing with…

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Discrimination in housing societies

Discrimination In Housing Societies

Society Management is about SAFE – building a society that is Socially, Administratively, Financially and Environmentally sound. Societies in India are as cosmopolitan as they can get. While the positives…

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How Do You Get Started For Free on ADDA?

On your approval, we can get you started for Free on ADDA premium packages. The trial period is offered for a month. It activates the following for your Community :…

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