ADDA is now Integrated with Open AI…For Helpdesk!

A voice-enabled helpdesk offers a natural and convenient alternative to residents.

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Excellence in Community Governance

Mollak – Special Mention In Excellence In Community Governance

Imagine a stage illuminated with a brilliant spotlight, where the unsung heroes of residential communities take center stage. A stage that reverberates with applause, as exceptional achievements and remarkable innovations…

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Overall Sustainability at ADDA

Surprise Category Unveiled: Celebrating the Pioneers of Overall Sustainability at ADDA Rise High Awards 2023

Step into the world of extraordinary residential communities where excellence thrives and innovation knows no bounds. Brace yourself for the breathtaking showcase of achievements as we delve into the exhilarating…

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Syndic Gestion Immobilière

Syndic Property Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Efficient Property Management (Gestion Immobilière)

When it comes to efficient property management (Gestion Immobilière), the role of a syndic property manager cannot be overlooked. Syndic property management involves overseeing and maintaining multiple properties on behalf…

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ADDA Rise High Awards

Unveiling Brilliance: Highlights from the Spectacular ADDA Rise High Awards 2023

Step into a world where excellence reigns supreme! Brace yourself for an extraordinary tale of triumph and inspiration as we unveil the highlights from the spectacular ADDA Rise High Awards…

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Century Saras Apartment Owners Association

Century Saras Apartment Owners Association

Century Saras Apartment Owners Association, led by President Prestin D’Silva, has set an inspiring example in promoting sustainable living practices and fulfilling social responsibilities. With a total of 128 units…

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What does a property management company do

What does a property management company do for HOA

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) play a crucial role in maintaining the harmony and well-being of residential communities. However, managing an HOA can be a complex and time-consuming task. This is where…

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Residential security system

Resident Security System in Multifamily Buildings: How to Stay Safe and Secure

As the number of multifamily buildings grows, it becomes increasingly essential to prioritize resident security. Choosing the best security system for a multifamily property can be difficult since there are…

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Residential security system

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: Preventative Residential Pest Control for a Healthy Home

Having pests inside your home can present a greater problem than being an annoyance, as they can expose you and your family to significant health hazards. In addition to transmitting…

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Ark Serene County

Ark Serene County: Rise High Awards Nominee for Water saving and treated water reuse

Water scarcity is a severe issue in many parts of India, and the situation is only getting worse due to increasing population, urbanization, and climate change. However, there are examples…

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Residential drainage issues

Common Causes of Residential Drainage Problems: How to Identify and Address Them

Residential drainage problems can be a nuisance for homeowners, leading to damage to their property, health hazards, and expensive repairs. Drainage problems can also lead to foundation issues, water damage,…

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Brigade Metropolis

Brigade Metropolis Initiative: A Finalist for the Rise High Awards in Animal Welfare

India’s large population of stray dogs roaming the streets often causes conflicts with humans. While the government is responsible for managing the animal population, they need help. This is where…

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Prestige Ferns

Prestige Ferns Residency: Finalist for Rise High Awards in Community Governance

As our world faces increasing environmental challenges, sustainable living has become a pressing need for individuals and communities alike. In this regard, many housing societies have stepped up and taken…

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Senior Living Communities

Types of Senior Living Communities: Which One is Right for You?

The Senior Living Years are special in many aspects. While most of the responsibilities of an Earning Citizen, a Parent etc. are completed, there is financial security and a clarity…

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Benefits of Green Living in Multifamily Building: How to Live Sustainably

Green living refers to a lifestyle that focuses on reducing harm to the environment and promoting sustainability. It involves making conscious choices to reduce our carbon footprint and live in…

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Green Living

Small Changes, Big Impact: Green Living Success Stories in Multifamily Buildings

As our planet is facing the adverse effects of climate change, every individual’s efforts to reduce their carbon footprint have become more critical than ever before. Multifamily buildings play a…

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What Rights Do Tenants Have Without A Lease_

Tenant Rights 101: Understanding Your Legal Standing Without a Lease Agreement

Are you renting a property without a lease agreement? While it may seem convenient at first, it’s essential to understand the tenant rights and landlord obligations that come with this…

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Rights & Obligations Of Tenants

Rights & Obligations Of Tenants Without Lease Agreement

Every Country Jurisdiction has Standard Lease Agreements that must be authorised by the relevant Authority. Most Lease Relationships follow this process, which safeguards the interest of the LandLord as well as…

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Reduce Noise Transference in Your MultiFamily Building

Peaceful Living: How to Reduce Noise Transference in MultiFamily Buildings

If you live in a Residential Community, specially in a MultiFamily Building or a Condo, you may have faced incidents of Noise transfer from the Neighboring Unit. If you are…

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Rise High Awards 2023


Proud of your Residential Community initiatives? Then here is an opportunity to celebrate your initiative! We at ADDA are thrilled to announce the launch of Rise High Awards 2023 –…

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Connecting Neighbors through Meaningful Conversations

All problems exist in the absence of a good conversation. Thomas Leonard. ADDA, the pioneer in Private Social Networking space for Residential Communities is now bringing to you an all new and…

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ADDA Software

The ADDA Promise – We Protect Your Data

For You who don’t like reading long content: ADDA’s Business Model does not monetise User Data. It is a Paid SaaS – it builds great products and customers pay to…

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The All-New ADDA App is here!

Lo and Behold! An all new ADDA App is now released! We just made a major upgrade to your favourite Community App – ADDA. It now comes with a brand new…

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EV Charger in Apartment

How to Install EV Charger in YOUR Apartment Parking Slot

Are you living in an Apartment Community in India, and looking to buy an Electric Vehicle?Are you concerned about all the debate about EV Charging in Apartment Communities?  Is your Apartment Community…

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Looking back at 2022: Our year in review

It has been a while since 2023 has arrived. While the year changed, some things rarely change. Like resolutions to make this year count, and renewed commitment from all of…

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Society Management App

Best Society Management App – Trusted By 3500+ Housing Societies

Today in this blog we will be looking into the ADDA the best society management app. The ADDA society management app is available for every resident in the apartment complex…

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The Perfect, Comprehensive Asset Management System for your Community!

“Why is it taking so long to find the contract documents for the H-Block Lift?” Danny ordered his staff. Alice, a member of his staff, was already combing through a…

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association accounting

Mastering Association Accounting: 5 Golden Rules to Keep Your Finances on Track

Financial Governance is the most important Pillar of any Association. Associations without Robust Financial Governance become a hotbed of Corrupt Practices, lose Funds and over time the Property falls to poor…

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Dubai Land Department Registration

Registration of Co-Occupants in Dubai REST App

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) on Friday, 23rd September, notified all owners, developers, property management companies and tenants about the registration of their co-occupants in owned and leased properties. As…

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Community Events Guide – for Residential Communities

One of the BEST parts of Community Living are the Celebrations! The Community Events that happen in the Common Area, open to all Residents to enjoy, where Residents Experience with various…

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Bringing to you a brand new Move-In process!

Move-In processes for Residential Communities often tend to become tedious, involving a lot of back and forth between Community Management teams and Owners/Tenants who are moving in. Bringing to you…

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Builder to Association Handover

Builder to Association Handover – Event Takeaways

Last month, ADDA brought you ‘Builder to Association Handover – An Open house Discussion’ to help you better understand the nitty-gritties of a society handover. The event held at Taj…

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Best Alternative to QuickBooks

Why ADDA Accounting Software is the Best Alternative to QuickBooks

ADDA and QuickBooks both are management software specially designed to help businesses manage their finances. ADDA is a property management software that is specifically designed for homeowners associations and apartment…

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Society Accounting Software

Still Searching For The Best Society Accounting App? Try ADDA

Society accounting app is a great way to manage finances for gated communities. It helps to streamline financial processes, provide timely financial reporting, and enhance transparency. It’s a cost-effective solution…

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How moving in a gated community is easier with ADDA

Top 7 Things to Consider Before Moving into a Gated Community in 2022

A decade from now, the majority of homeowners lived in standalone apartments in non-gated neighborhoods. But today, with the rise of the urban living culture, people with disposable income are…

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Asset Management using QR Code in ADDA

QR Code-based Asset Management

Asset management i.e., keeping track of all active assets, AMCs, getting all assets serviced in time, etc. is often a challenging activity for the Community Management Team. Guess what? Maintaining…

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Experience the brand new Buzzar!

That cozy chair you had your eye on, that would look gorgeous on your balcony, perhaps the colorful jump rope that could get you started on your fitness journey, or…

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Workshop Event Banner

Financial Governance for Communities – Workshop Takeaways

It is officially time for all living communities to achieve best practices for their long-term financial stability & prosperity. Towards this, ADDA returned almost after 2 years of COVID with…

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ADDA is now available in French!

Yes! you read right. Your beloved ADDA App is now available in French! Here is how you can change the language setting inside the App (this setting is only enabled…

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Auto Approvals ADDA Banner

Welcoming Auto Approvals Feature on ADDA App!

Are you annoyed with multiple visitor approval requests coming to you every day? We now have a solution for you – Auto Approvals! With this feature, the ADDA App enables…

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ADDA Central Command Centre Upgrade Illustration

The Central Command Centre gets to the level of CCC+

As a Decision Maker, you always wanted LIVE visibility across all your Communities. Now you have it, with the launch of the New CCC – Your all new Central Command…

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Illustration showing true cost of spam in society management apps

The True Cost of Spam in a Society Management App

How much is your current society management app costing your Association by spam? As per an ADDA Customer Success survey, an average free app user receives 3 spam messages daily,…

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List of Housing Society Bye-Laws Your Society Needs to Know

Understanding the Housing Society Bye-Laws: Rules and Regulations for Co-Operative Living

How does a society govern all owners? How does it raise different funds among members? Why amendment is a part of the administration process? Where and when do members raise…

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6 Parking Laws in Housing Society to Solve Common Parking Issues

6 Parking Rules In Residential Areas to Solve Parking Issues

Two-wheelers or car parking rules in residential areas have become one of the top priorities for homeowners. It can help you avoid disputes in the allocation of parking spaces or…

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What is Automated Accounting Engine?

Automated Accounting Engine – An ADDA Innovation!

Most housing society accounting software stops at maintenance bill generation & invoicing when it comes to the financial administration aspects of your Association or Enterprise business. These software models do…

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Why Should a Builder/Company Choose ADDA for Property Management rather than Building their Own?

Why Property Management with ADDA is The Go-to Choice for a Builder?

It is no secret that property or society management can be very time-consuming. There are simply too many in-house parameters to consider such as architectural plan, tech support, communication, etc….

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Admin App Blog banner

ADDA Admin App Returns in a Brand New Avatar

If you are a Community Manager (with a Developer, OA, HOA, Society, Association, RWA, etc), you are to be found mostly away from your desk than at it. So, a…

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Everything You Need to Know About Cooperative Societies

What Is Cooperative Society? And How It Makes Your Community Better

Relevant to Users in India about cooperative societies and its management A business organization can take many forms. One such form is held by cooperative societies. It is a voluntary…

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Best Touchless Gate Management System in India That You Must Choose in 2022

Choose The Best Gate Pass Management System in India

I visited a housing society today for the first time. No sooner had I entered the main gate than the security chief started probing my personal data, photos, and even…

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Leakage from your Upstairs/Neighbour/Flat

Leakage from your Upstairs Neighbor/Flat? Here’s How to Handle it!

You come back from a long, tiring day at work, make yourself a nice hot cup of beverage and relax on your bed or sofa. “Plop, plop”, you feel some…

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ADDA Wins Best Implementation of Technology Award at IRECMS Dubai, 2021

ADDA Wins Big For Path-Breaking Innovations In Community Management Technology at IRECMS Dubai, 2021

ADDA was conferred with the ‘Best Implementation of Technology of the Year’ Award at the IRECMS Dubai Awards 2021, a testament to the company’s innovation and credibility as a trusted…

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3 Similarities & Differences between Apartment Association and Commercial Company

3 Similarities and Differences Between a Society/Apartment Association and a Commercial Company

Manpower is the building block for running a commercial corporation or for the takeover of a society or apartment Association. No traditional corporation or apartment management system can function without…

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COVID Features in ADDA to Fight Omicron

COVID Features in ADDA to Fight Omicron

Relevant to Users in India As the COVID cases rise due to the Omicron variant, more urban municipalities seek enforcement of COVID restrictions by Apartment Owners Associations / Housing Societies…

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"Fully Vaccinated" Feature on ADDA GateKeeper

“Fully Vaccinated” Feature on ADDA GateKeeper

Relevant to: Users in India The Latest Government Circulars advise Societies/Associations/RWAs to allow Visitors only if Fully Vaccinated. This seems an extension of the regulation followed in Malls and Public…

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How to Track Vaccination Status of your Community?

India has achieved the miraculous feat of vaccinating 50% of its Adult population. The 50% mark is reassuring when cases of Indians being infected with the Omicron variant are being…

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Free ERP Software

Free ERP Software – #RightStart for New Associations

Are you a Newly Formed Association? Perhaps you are right in the middle of a Builder Handover or have completed the handover already. Either way, Congratulations! You have the chance…

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Electric vehicle charging in apartments

According to a survey conducted by ADDA, only 6.9% communities have an Electric vehicle charging in apartments and 93.1 % communities that don’t have an electric vehicle charging setup, want…

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Discover for Associations – Find 150+ Services, Vendors, Products & more!

Community Managers and Management Committee Members spend an inordinate amount of time in finding the right Vendor for Maintenance of the Community. Thus, ADDA plugs this gap with the launch…

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Cooperative Society Accounting - Best Practices

5 Best Practices For Cooperative Housing Society Accounting

Picture this – a well maintained gated community, lush green garden, shiny apartment blocks as good as new – however, the complex is almost a decade old. What could possibly…

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ADDA Gatekeeper | The Best Visitor Management System For Your Apartment

In a survey conducted by ADDA, more than 65% Apartment Residents responded that Security is the main reason that they chose Apartment Living. While more than 25% of the Maintenance Expense…

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Introducing: Configurable Community Forms

Residents of communities frequently require communication with their Building Management for various needs such as requesting Vehicle Parking Labels, permission for Renovation Work, or application for Intercom Connections, etc. To…

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ADDA Doorbot For Facility Access

Unlocking Simplicity: Introducing “ADDA Doorbot” – Your Gateway to Effortless Facility Access.

ADDA introduces your one-stop solution for all access facilities. From clubhouse entry to parking facilities, this new feature is all set to enhance convenience and foster a safer living environment.

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Violation Tracker

Violation Tracking – New on ADDA: Community Guidelines and Violations.

A residential Community is nothing short of a mini-country, where you have residents from multiple ethnicity, religions and backgrounds staying together. Having a transparent set of Restrictions list and Community…

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Sustainable Housing

Sustainable Housing Solutions: How to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly on a Budget

Introduction To Sustainable Housing Sustainable housing is an essential aspect of building a greener and more sustainable Communities. More Communities are searching for ways to make their homes environmentally friendly…

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Structural Issues in a Condo

Who Is Responsible for Structural Issues in a Condo

Condominium living offers numerous advantages, such as shared amenities, convenience, and a sense of community. However, like any type of property ownership, condos can experience structural issues that require attention…

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