Estate Manager Workshop II concludes

by Vishnu

Nov-18-2010. Around 45 Estate Managers gathered in Brookefields, from various Residential complexes in Bangalore, with various professional experiences, some independent, some with Property Maintenance agencies, some planning to start their own Facility Management service. The common thread between them- All eager to learn and grow in their field.

The Group that survived the whole workshop!

ApartmentAdda was mighty proud to provide that platform to these ambitious and proactive Estate Managers!

The Estate Managers

Networking starts

The workshop started with keynote by Venkat – CoFounder & CTO of ApartmentAdda. He established the analogy between Estate Managers and IAS officers, Kapil Dev and LifeSavers (not the candy!) He brought out the fact that Estate Managers are one of the most important Roles in any Residential Complex and it is important that they gain expertise in Facility Management and relevant Technologies.

Ashika - the Anchor takes over

Keynote by Venkat

The next session started with Sangeeta presenting the Financial Transactions in a typical Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU), the pain points around these transactions and how ApartmentAdda is completely tailored to address these pain-points. The Income Tracker was demonstrated with page by page and button by button explanation. There was a view expressed in the Audience that while software packages like Tally do Accounting well, ApartmentAdda does the job of Accounting – for – MDUs well.

Technical Sessions start

...Technical sessions intensify

After a quick Coffee Break, Subbu from CitizenMatters took the stage with the topic that’s picking up steam – Karnataka Laws and Gated Communities. The discussion went into ‘Are Gated Communities Legal’. This started with presenting the facts and findings, and provided the takeaway to Estate Managers on the summary of the situation. The summary was that, it was clear that Apartment Complexes are recognized by Law, thanks to the KAOA, however, Gated Layouts had the confusion about ownership of the common area. The recommendation was that every Association must have in its Association Office: the Plan Sanction Document, and the CDP Map of the zone in which the Property is situated – this shows what is the ownership type of the area (public, private etc.). The Estate Managers may also make themselves conversant with the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act 1961.


Gated Layouts and Gated Apartment complexes get differentiated

This session was followed by a presentation by Mr.Sreedhara – Estate Manager for Salarpuria Serenity and Salarpuria Symphony. He presented an overall view of Facility Management – which touched all aspects of  maintaining Electrical, Plumbing, Security, Housekeeping, STP, Swimming Pool, Landscaping, Clubhouse& Gym, CCTV, Reticulated Gas System, WTP, Waste, Fire Safety systems.

Facility Management - Learning from Peers!

Taking over from him, Dr.Ananth of EcoTech presented an Expert Talk on STPs that Work. Dr.Ananth highlighted that due to water scarcity, the STP is seen more as a Production Unit and not a Treatment Unit. His view was that most STPs in Residential Complexes are either not working at all or working at very low efficiencies. An interesting fact shown by him was that the cost of water tanker for 1 Kilo Litre is Rs.55, while the treatment cost of 100Kilo Litre water is Rs.18 per day!

Expert Talk on Water Treatment

Flow Dia of the Plant

Post Lunch, an interesting Quiz was conducted that ranged from Maggi Noodles to ApartmentAdda tips to Enthiran to Burj Khalifa. Two teams won the first place. The teams were from Prestige Ozone, Ferns Meadows, SJR Brooklyn &

The quizzed look!

The buzzer round

The Workshop then got intense on the Purchase – to – Pay cycle of a Residential Complex. The automated Purchase Request process was appreciated by the Estate Managers, followed by finding the right vendor, documenting the Vendor Invoices, and documenting the information in ApartmentAdda was demonstrated. The various reports of Budget Variance, Expense comparison pie charts were shown and how to publish these reports to the Residents was also demonstrated.

Interactive Participants

The discussion then went to the interesting topic of – How to Recover Dues from chronic Defaulters. The best practices being followed at the participants’ complexes were shared and some brainstorming was performed. The conclusion was that the Law has to help Associations in this regard by being more specific. The Socieites Act and the Karnataka Apartment Owners Act were discussed briefly.

The final session of felicitations, and distribution of Participation Certificates ended with Photoshoots of the group. Most participants stayed on for a networking High Tea with some one-on-sessions with the ApartmentAdda Experts group.

Receiving the Participation Certificate

The Mahabharata Poster customized for each Adda!

One-to-One sessions

Tea with Friends

The ApartmentAdda Team found the experience and the feedback highly encouraging. Here is a big Thank You to all the Participants, our Partners, the Speakers, the Hotel Management of Krishna Nibbana, and of course the Rain Gods for staying away from the workshop!

We shall be bringing separate reports on each of the sessions, along with the Audio Visuals! Do stay tuned to this ONLY event in Bangalore that gives Facility Management & Estate Managers the due limelight!

Workshop II concludes V well - Thanks to All!

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Samit November 20, 2010 - 10:36 am

Thats a great workshop.Congratulation team -Adda!
I am sure this will go a long way in empowering the Managers .Kudos!!!!!

vinoth kumar November 23, 2010 - 4:04 pm

I am very happey.i am learn somthing from the apeatment adda team.

DEVARAJ LAVAKUMAR December 8, 2010 - 3:28 pm


N.T.Sreedhara August 20, 2011 - 2:43 pm

Dear Sir,

I am happy to see the 3rd estate manager workshop it was really excellent for estate managers, facility managers. now a days everybody must learn lots of technical ideas from well experienced Sr manager’s. we must thanks ApartmentAdda Team for organizing estate managers workshop I hope this will repeat every year to educate new facility managers

With Regards
Facility Manager

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