Launching ApartmentVille – a Social Game

by Venkat

Dear ADDA Users,

You have known ADDA to offer the best in Society Accounting, Association Management and Communication. Soon you will know us for one more thing – Social Gaming.

In association with the popular Gaming Company – Zenga we are launching a very interesting social game – ApartmentVille.

Some salient features :

1. Any ADDA user can create a Virtual Apartment Complex

2. The player starts with a set budget – Rs.100 Crore in Virtual Currency. One can add essential amenities like STP,Generator, luxury amenities like Gym,Swimming Pool, and super luxury amenities like Helipad,Movie Theater,Golf Course

3. Of course – the player cannot have all the amenities with the given budget – however the player can generate revenue and add the super luxury amenities as the game progresses.

4. The Virtual Apartment Complex Owner can set a monthly maintenance fee rate, rent out his apartments etc.

5. The player has to pay for the maintenance of the property and also the sudden Taxes and  “expenses” from local elements, revenue officials, water tanker mafia etc. which will keep hitting the Virtual Apartment Complex randomly.

6. The player can poach neighboring Apartment Complex tenants, owners to move to his Apartment Complex through offers and advertisements.

and etc.

Take the application for a spin and let us know in the comments section on how we can improve your Social Gaming experience.

Click the link to test drive your new time eater – Launch ApartmentVille


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