Poll: Flowers in Society Garden for Puja?

by Vishnu

Flower Poll Result

Poll conducted on: ADDA Facebook Page.

Poll Duration: 1.5 Days

Total Votes: 68

Participants: Residents of Gated Communities in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.

Reasons for YES:

Yes, they are also paying for the Common Garden.

Yes, can pluck old flowers.

Yes, can pluck but only if they adopt a plant and make sure it yields flowers.

Reasons for NO:

No, it should be left for all to enjoy the natural beauty.

No, flowers on the plants let everyone enjoy them.

No, no God asks for flowers from any plant for that matter.

No, let the cow/goat eat them. ( 🙂 comic relief! )

Other Comments:

“Could never understand the logic of destroying beauty created by god to give to god. A bit of an oxymoron”

“We pay tax for the roads and the traffic lights as well, but still there has to be some discipline in following traffic rules…the same way there should be some discipline in the civil society to not pluck flowers. If we need to offer flowers for puja, plant them in your private balcony and pluck from there…”

“Puja or worship should be at the devotee’s expense and not at some body else’s expense, so the devotee should buy flowers or grow it by him or herself”

“No one should be allowed to pluck flowers as they can grow them in their balconies. And this applies to all not just elders .”

“This is a big pain point in our apt.”

“Same issue in our complex as well. Even after arranging for a flower delivery vendor, the problem continues.”

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