Poll: Should Housing Societies stop Drying of Clothes in Balcony?

by Vishnu

Stop Drying of Clothes in the Balcony? – Poll Result

Poll conducted on: ADDA Facebook Page.

Poll Duration: 2 Days (On October 3 2011)

Total Votes: 75

Participants: Residents of Apartment Complexes in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.

Reasons for NO (73%):

No, why use an Electric Dryer when Solar Energy is abundant in the Balcony.

No, balconies belong to individuals, not society.

No, people can use their own balcony where there is sunlight.

No, unless it is causing trouble to other flats.

Reasons for YES (20%):

Yes, it spoils the aesthetics and value of the whole property.

Yes, install a common laundry facility with full dry feature within the complex.

Yes, use the terrace to dry clothes.

Neutral (7%)

It is causing damage to the look of the building, but is an essential thing.

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