Yes! Raise a little hell! Raise a ticket by SMS! 🙂

Imagine this. You are driving into the basement after a tiring workday and you notice an exposed cable come loose from the ceiling. Would you remember to lodge this complaint after getting home and logging into you computer?

Now you don’t have to!

While walking to the elevator, take your Cellphone and send SMS to a dedicated number! Your complaint will be lodged into your ADDA, and you will receive the Ticket number!

On the Admin side, the same process will be triggered as if the Complaint was lodged by logging into your ADDA.

Now you need not ignore any little gap in your beautiful home, just SMS!

Other benefits:

1. Senior citizens who may not be connected to Internet often, can lodge a ticket without having to depend on anyone.

2. Your Estate Manager / Security Supervisor can record each incident easily while on regular rounds.

To know the dedicated number of your ADDA, please log in to your ADDA, the number is right on the “HelpDesk” widget on Resident’s Dashboard*.  You could also send out an Admin Notice/SMS Broadcast/Physical Notice on your Notice Board, informing all Residents of this Number.

Credits: Yesterday evening we sent a frantic request to a few power users to do some beta testing. Almost everyone did and provided us their valuable feedback! Thanks to Anil Danti of Brigade Metropolis, Bhupesh Pant of Shriram Spandhana, Sajin K of Oasis Breeze, Jayanti Prasad of Brigade Gateway and Somesh Agarwal of Purva Fountainsquare!


* – This enhancement comes free of any additional cost to ADDAs that has HelpDesk. (part of Premium PRO or Premium LITE – Management packages).

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About the Author: Vishnu


  1. Very useful feature… often when we want to raise an issue, a laptop or net connection may not be handy. And since it’s SMS, ppl will stick to the point and not rant 😉

  2. The number is available on the “HelpDesk” application on Resident’s Dashboard.

    As suggested we sent a Notice to everyone in our ADDA informing them of this Number, so they can save it on their phones.

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