National Conference of RWAs

by Vishnu

ADDA team attended and presented in the National Conference of RWAs on 23-24 November, held in Hyderabad.

The purpose of this Conference was to share best practices across RWAs in India and work together towards common goals. Representatives were from Noida, Ghazaiabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Bhubaneshwar, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Bangalore and Chennai.

The Conference which was a brainchild of Dr. VBJ Rao Chelikani and organized by the U-FERWAS – United Federation of Residents Welfare Association, Hyderabad made evident the RWA’s role in making quality of life better in their localities.

The views of Mr. Navin Mittal, Special Commssioner of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan – Founder of Loksatta Party and MLA from Kukatpally, Hyderabad, as well as other dignitaries presented the growing interest of Government in supporting the RWAs.

Mr. Navin Mittal opened the Conference by referring to the “Principle of Subsidiarity” that states “A Problem should be handled at a level where it can be managed the best”. It went to support that areas such as local park maintenance, sanitation, streetlights etc are best supervised by local RWAs. The close collaboration of GHMC and the U-FERWAs can be seen with the GHMC award which evaluates Colonies in Hyderabad on neatly defined criteria.

Some of the RWAs cited for great work:

  • Jayanagar, Bangalore RWA for facilitating widening of roads and helping police in night time beats.
  • Kalyanpur RWAs in Hyderabad for building a Community Center for public, with donations from Members.
  • AGNI (Action for good Governance and NEtworking in India), Maharashtra, for creating Joint Area action Groups. 24 wards of Bombay Municapal Corporation are exchanging information and experience on clean and effective programs.
  • TNagar RWA of Chennai has its own candidate in the ward election.
  • RWA Federation of Ghaziabad has found its mandatory inclusion in all Civic programs, via a Govt. Circular issued by the District Magistrate of Ghazaiabad

Highlights of the Conference in Twitter:

Some pics from the Conference:

Delegates from across Country @ NCRWA


Organizers with Spl Commissioner-GHMC

Map of RWAs in Hyderabad!

ADDA– e-governance for RWAs

MLA Jayaprakash Narayan

I-Card for RWA President with CM’s signature

NCRWA deciding the Next Steps

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