Are you STILL looking for Best Society Accounting Portal?

This March get your Society Online! You are in that period of Financial change – March. Get the best society accounting portal and save on time and money. society accounting made easy

It is the best time to change your Billing/Accounting system to the BEST available.Without such a System, the Property loses money and value in the long term that goes undetected until it is late.
What Money are we Losing? How does ADDA make it Better?
1. 100% Automatic Maintenance Billing, Collection using Payment Gateway ensures Collection happens fast with ZERO Admin Cost and Maximum Bank Interest is obtained.
2. With easy-to-use Facility Manager interface, they are able to track Common Asset preventive maintenance, saving Lakhs on Repair and Breakdown Cost
3. With Expert Guidance inbuilt in the Product by our InHouse Team of Society CAs and GDCAs (only such team in India), they are prevented from making tax blunders, saving huge penalties on taxes.
4. With the use of Attractive App by Residents (best in the market), Repair issues, Security concerns are immediately reported, preventing huge Expenses in future.
5. Since every Staff work, Data and Transaction is available online, with 150+ Inbuilt reports, inefficiencies are caught quickly. This increases overall efficiency and reduces Maintenance Cost.

With over a decade of Experience, and being present in 80+Indian Cities, in 3000+ Apartment Communities ADDA has built in all Best Practices of Apartment Management and Accounting which will best address specific Management and Accounting requirements of your Society.
We invite your Esteemed society to grab this Golden period of starting right from April 2016, which is the EASIEST STARTING DATE for any new Billing Accounting software.  
Towards this we bring you the QUICK CLOSURE OFFER.
1. 20% Discount on the Subscription Price published as on Date  (Rs.25/Flat/Month as of today)
2. NetBanking Rate of Rs.10 only for the Payment Gateway (Lowest in the Market)

3. Price Lock-In of 3 years upon Payment of 2 years subscription up front.

Above is valid if the Subscription Payment comes to us before 30-March-2016
Please call ADDA representative at 02248905764 for further details, we shall be happy to arrange a Demo or answer any of your questions.

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