How to Pet Proof Your Home

by Krishanu

Your pets are just like your kids. They are playful and mischievous and often have the potential to get into trouble. Pets are very capable of injuring themselves by bumping into furniture or simply by consuming something around the house. Just like you baby proof a house, you must pet proof it too.

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Here are 6 simple ways of pet proofing your house:

  1. Sharp Edges

Pets often tend to bump into furniture when at their playful best. You would not want them to bang into furniture edges and suffer from cuts and bruises. For this you should cover all edges with soft substances like cotton. Do this especially on doors, cupboards and beds.

  1. Avoid growing poisonous plants

When you bring home a pet, do read up on the plants, which are poisonous for them. Always remember that pets love to chew on grass and plants and are very likely to get nausea or suffer from worse. Hence, make it a point to avoid plants which can cause harm.

  1. Latch your storage areas

Pets love to find cozy spots especially if they are storage areas. Your kitchen is the area, which will be most explored in your absence. Pets have a very strong sense when it comes to food and hence you should expect an invasion once in a while. If your wardrobe is also one, which can be easily opened, its best to keep it locked too. The cabinets in your washroom which contain lotions, shampoos, etc and medicine cupboards should be kept at bay from pets.

  1. Protect fragile treasures

You would not want your pet to break the highly expensive vase you picked up from Italy. Fragile treasures like cutlery, earthen pots, etc should be packed and stowed up too. Pets tend to explore bookshelves, cabinets, tables and in the process may drop these fragile objects and break them. Not just that but also, they tend to chew on glass pieces and in turn end up harming themselves.

  1. Electronic Appliance alert

It is important to unplug all electrical cords and switch off power plug points when not using them. Several cord protectors are available in the market which can help coat them. Also, when using appliances like the washing machine, dryer or microwave, do check them once before switching them on. Pets often tend to enter them if left open.

  1. Other measures

Several other aspects of pet proofing your home include clipping their claws regularly to avoid breakage. Remember, pets especially like cats have nerve growth in claws and an accident can turn into a fatality. Have sturdy latches on your windows to avoid a calamity like your pets escaping from them. Always put a lid on your toilet. Your pet can end up falling in it and not manage getting out of it. Pets tend to be curious and hence always remove the table cloth when not using it. Lastly, if you have loose hanging cords of curtains and blinds, always tie them in a knot. Your pet can end up choking themselves.

These six simple tips can keep your beloved pet safe. Also with summer’s approaching, you must make sure you gear up for that too.

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