Innovative ways to decorate your living room

by Krishanu

We as home owners take lots of pride in our living room. It is the room where we host our guests, where the family sits together and in some cases even dines in. We love to keep this space clutter free, trendy and spick and span. But since we lead such busy lives, we tend to forget decorating it. Most living rooms have a very basic décor which involves a sofa, some side tables, chairs, a chandelier or modern lighting and so on.

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Here are some quick tips on how you can decorate your living room with ease.

  1. Colors and Patterns

Colors are what bring life to your rooms. When it comes to your living room, it is imperative to use a color which is bright and welcoming. So if you intend to paint your walls with red color make sure there is a pattern of a subtle color like white to it. Also, the furniture in the room should be of mellow colors like beige, off white, etc. Light colors would add balance to the use of a bright color like red.

  1. Create a collection

To add more life to your living room, you can always have a collection. If you love vases, then you can always have a display of them on your dining and side tables. If you are fond of flowers, then you can always pick a bunch of real or artificial flowers and create a beautiful display out of them. They can be placed inside your collection of vases and should be placed at levels above the shoulder level. Also, if you have a collection of photo frames of your family pictures and achievements, go ahead and display them in your living room too. Just make sure all of these collections are cleaned daily as dust can settle on them quickly and make it look shabby.

  1. Furniture and Electronics need to be in tandem

Almost all living rooms have electronic appliances like Television sets, Air Conditioners and so on. So when designing your living room, make sure the colors blend with that of the electronics or you have covers on them which make them fit in with the interior décor. Since all TV sets are black, they happily merge but AC’s can be tricky. Hence, either buy one which is of a similar color to the wall or have furniture and upholstery like curtains, pillows, etc that mixes with its color. There is no greater sin then placing something which itches the eye when you look at the room as a whole. Other furniture like couch, side tables, etc too need to be covered with material and texture matching the other aspects of the room.

  1. Always experiment to innovate

It is your house and thus feel free to experiment as much as you want. Embracing wild prints like Zebra stripes or Leopard prints for your cushion covers is one of the ways to experiment. Another way of being experimental, is by taking all your books and stacking them up like a side table next to the television or couch. You can always opt for colored furniture which stands out when you have a well-lit apartment. You can also add a pattern on the floor by using a rug. It creates visual interest.

By implementing these four simple tips you can decorate your living room without hiring a professional interior home decorator and spending a bomb. So go ahead, start decorating and flaunt your new and improved living room with your ADDA buddies.

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