Time to be kind this Summer

by Krishanu

With summer’s commencing in most parts of India, it’s time we geared up not just for ourselves but also gear up to be kind towards birds and animals. With predictions of temperatures to soar up to 45 degrees, for those who cannot grab themselves a glass of water whenever required, it may be a long summer. By this we mean the birds and animals, be it your pets or just wanderers, here is how you can be kind to them this summer.

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Bird drinking water in summer

  1. Water Woes

The best way to tackle summers is by consumption of plenty of water. You can be kind to birds and animals by placing bowls of water in your balconies and outside your homes. Birds can take sips of water from the bowls and thus keep themselves hydrated. Several birds pass out or die while in flight during summers due to dehydration. Your apartment complex may have animals like cats too, they can sip some water too. If you have pets at home, make sure they have access to drinking water at all times.

  1. Indoor temperatures

Animals possess body heat, which is much higher than that human beings. If you have an AC at home, then keep it on. If you feel hot indoors then so does your pet. If you use fans like ceiling fan and exhaust fans, keep those on too. Exhaust fans are amazing as they help get rid of the warm air inside your house.

  1. Outdoor Worries

Whenever stepping outdoors, make sure that you never leave your pet inside your car. Even if you are merely going to the ATM to withdraw money. Also, remember that stray animals like dogs and cats often seek shelter under cars during summer for shade. So whenever removing your car make sure that there are no animals underneath or hiding in between the tyre and the car body. Also, just the way you apply sunscreen, also apply sunscreen to your pets.

  1. Plan your walks

If you often step out with your pet for a walk in between 1 – 4 PM, you no longer should be doing that. Ideally go for walks post 5 PM when the heat is comparatively lesser. Also, avoid going to the beach for walks before sunset. The sand is too hot for your pets and the humidity is often harmful for them.

Practice these four simple tips this summer and be kind to stray animals and your pets. Also spread this message to your apartment complex residents using your own ADDA.

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