Builder Handover Kit

by Krishanu

ADDA Institute of MDU Management (AIMM) recently conducted a workshop on Builder Handover in Bangalore where it covered several important aspects of the subject. All those residing in Karnataka should be well aware about these concepts. It is vital to understand what the law states before approaching an issue. This Kit will help you find all the required details when seeking a handover from a builder.

Karnataka, apartments, KAOA, KSRA

Here is a complete Kit of all that you may need when seeking a handover from the builder:

Karnataka Societies Registration Act (KSRA) of 1960

Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act (KAOA) of 1972

Complete Builder to Society Handover Checklist

Completion Certificate and Occupancy Certificate 

Difference between KSRA and KAOA


If you have any more doubts and queries on the subject, feel free to leave a comment and we will certainly address it.

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