3 Aspects of Well Maintained Swimming Pools in Apartments

This Summer has recorded record high temperatures in years. This is exactly when Residents find their Apartments swimming pool a blessing and feel grateful to the Association/Society for maintaining it well.

This also means the Association / Management Committee needs to be on its toes so that the Pool is on optimum maintenance for such peak usage.

Here is a list of aspects of a Hygienic and Well-Maintained Swimming Pool, and methods of maintaining these aspects:
Apartment Swimming Pool Maintenance

1. Keep your Apartment Swimming Pool CLEAN

a) Cleaning the Pool

Pool gets dirty mainly due to hair and body oil from swimmers, dust, dry leaves, bird feathers, bacteria and algae. Chlorine is used very commonly as a Pool Sanitiser. However, many times it cause red eyes, irritation, etc. There are some other alternatives to use of chlorine like reverse osmosis filtration and UV disinfection which can be used in apartment swimming pools.

On a regular and daily basis the Pool Filtration should be working perfectly. This ensures the water is constantly being cleaned. Refer to our blog for more details on Pool Filtration.

On a weekly basis the pool needs to undergo a shock treatment. This is a reason why almost every Apartment Community closes its swimming pool once a week.

b) Maintaining the Proper Pool Chemistry

Ideally the pool pH should be between 7.2 to 7.6. If your Swimming Pool water is Green, the main cause could be a high pH level of the pool which could be 7.9 or more. A high pH not only irritates the skin of swimmers, makes the pool less inviting by the look of the water but also makes the chlorination less effective.

What causes high pH level in your swimming pool? 

The local source of water may have a higher pH value. Municipal water lines and other hardware usually get damaged faster is the water is not on the alkaline side.

The steps you need to take to get the pH right are:

  1. Test the pH level of the swimming pool water. There are various ways of doing this. pH strips, electronic pH testers, pH test kits, etc. However, using pH strips are an easy and economical way of determining the pH level of your swimming pool.
  2. If the pH is on the alkaline side then there are 2 main chemicals which are used for reducing pH of swimming pool water. They are Sodium bisulphate or muriatic acid. You can follow the instructions written in the manuals for the correct method of use.

2) Keep your Apartment Swimming Pool HYGIENIC

The Association must display the Rules of following Swimming Pool hygiene which the Swimmers must conform to.

One of the main Swimming Pool hygiene rule – Showering before Entering the Pool is often ignored, in some places by as many as 40% of the swimmers. A Shower before entering the Pool is not only good for keeping the Pool clean but also for the Swimmer’s own skin. A layer of fresh water on the skin ensures that the skin pores will not absorb the chlorinated water of the pool.

Apartment Swimming Pool

A heavy chlorine smell in the Pool is an indication that the Pool is NOT clean or hygienic. Such smell comes from chloramines that are formed when Chlorine comes in contact with contaminants. A clean and well maintained swimming pool in apartment complexes will not have strong chemical smell.

3) Keep your Apartment Swimming Pool SAFE

Since the Swimming Pool of an Apartment Complex is used by many, it is important that Clear Safety measures are laid out and followed. There are several safety measure which should be followed in apartment swimming pools. The water level should be monitored, there should be proper swimming timings, an adult should always accompany kids into the pool, etc. Here is our detailed blog on Safety Tips for Apartment Swimming Pools.

The way a Swimming Pool is built is also a great contributor to its Safety. Here are 7 Design Aspects of SwimmingPools in Apartment Complexes

Login to your ADDA and share this article with fellow residents and Management Committee or Association members. This summer we hope you have a lot of fun in your Pool. Adhering to some of the above simple tips would enhance your experience to a great degree!

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