How To Cut Down Electricity Consumption In An Apartment Complex


An average household is said to consume about 800 units of power annually. Now, let’s take an apartment in a gated community. In addition to what is being consumed in single units, the complex as a whole needs lights, sprinklers and many such amenities that require electricity to function. This would mean that the amount of electricity consumed by a large apartment complex is shockingly high.

Electricity is a limited resource and everyone is aware about this fact. Yet, most of the advancements we make are in one way or the other dependent on the use of electricity. As human population increases, our energy consumption increases in proportion. But like we said before, we can only produce so much electricity in a year and if the supply doesn’t meet the demand, we’re going to face a massive shortage of power soon.

And this isn’t just about the wastage of electricity. If an apartment complex consumes too much electricity, that is going to reflect in the monthly expenses too, is it not? Most often, residents’ associations struggle to optimize monthly maintenance & upkeep expenses. In such a situation, being faced with a big fat electricity bill doesn’t make things better.

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Where’s All This Electricity Being Used?

The residents association only concerns themselves with payments for common facilities. Residents will pay for the individual units. However, lighting common areas, supplying power to gym, clubhouse, pool heating and other amenities and even pumping water will consume copious amounts of electricity.

The elevator is another amenity that uses up a lot of electricity and one that is hard to cut down. There are many other aspects which raise the utility bills in a large gated society. So if you are someone struggling to bring down such bills, here are some tips to save up on electricity.

5 Tips To Cut Down Electricity Consumption In Common Areas

First and foremost, identify areas where consumption is maximum. Meet with the residents and counsel them on being cautious about using electricity in common areas. You may also need to talk to cleaning staff and guards to watch out for lights or fans left on in. And finally, make sure that you implement the following 5 tips straight away.

1. Replace traditional lights

It’s high time we replaced halogen and neon bulbs with LEDs or CFLs. This simple change alone could reflect in a major way on your electricity bill. As per reports, 10 CFL lamp would consume only as much as one conventional one does. CFL lamps are brighter and they last longer.

2. Rework the switches

In many cases, especially in large gated communities, a single switch controls a series of lights in an area or on a floor. This makes it difficult to control their use. Ideally, each light, each fan, each equipment should have separate switches. This makes it so much easier to regulate their use.

3. Install solar cells

For heating and even powering lights, solar power can be a very eco-friendly alternative. Installing them may seem expensive, but if you can bear this one-time expense, your electricity bills could be cut down considerably.

4. Depend less on electricity

As much as possible, encourage residents to not use lights and fans in the common amenities during the daytime. The younger residents could be encouraged to take the stairs instead of the elevators. This not only cuts down power usage, it also benefits their health.

5. Make use of technology

Again one-time structural enhancements go a long way in cutting down your electricity costs. There are various things you can do to reduce your power consumption. You could install motion sensor triggered lighting in common areas or parking spaces. Likewise, update your entire circuitry to make sure that there are not heavy power usages. You can also encourage residents to purchase only 5-star rating products so that not just the power usage, the carbon footprint as such is reduced.

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One of our customers implemented some of the ideas we discussed to cut down their power usage considerably. Using ADDA, the residents and MCs came together and made a joint decision towards becoming a society that is conscious about the energy crisis we are about face. Said community not only reduced their monthly utility bills, they also did society a favour by judiciously using whatever little electricity the country produces.

While some parts of the world still haven’t had the fortune to receive electricity, there are some that waste the little we have. As humans, it is our responsibility to come together and make wiser decisions about spending the resources we have. We would also recommend getting an energy consultant to audit your entire electrical usage.

If you use ADDA, you must be aware of the power you possess in bringing together the residents to achieve something great. Make use of ADDA. Connect with others and get good things done. Start today!

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