ADDA Advantage

ADDA Advantage - The Best Apartment Management Software for Gated Communities

Proud Owners, Happy Tenants, Satisfied Association Office, Greater Property Value

  • Most comprehensive Apartment Management Software – The One Integrated Platform for Management Committee Members to manage all the apartment needs.
  • Brings Professionalism and Transparency to running of the Community.
  • Brings continuity and stability in the processes/systems, irrespective of the changes in Association Members.
  • Each Association is interconnected with other Associations on the ADDA Network – contributing and utilizing Best Practices.
  • Extremely high renewal rate and highly acclaimed support.
  • We have the best Data Security & Privacy practices in place.
  • Constant Innovation, will keep you abreast with the latest trends & best practices.

How does The ADDA Team help?

ADDA Team provides end-to-end support, through the 3 main lifecycle stages of an ADDA(apartment management software)

  1. Deploy – Initial Setup, Manager Training
  2. Sustain – Continuous evolution of the Applications, Email, Phone & Chat Support
  3. Exit – All Data transferred back to customer

When is it a good time to deploy ADDA?

If you are wondering about the right moment to start – there is never one. Start now or start anytime!

Prior to formation or registration of Owner’s Association/MCST

Build Resident Database, get an organised website and communicate through Chat, Direct Messaging & Send Notifications

Following Registration of Association/MCST and Prior to taking over Maintenance Collection

Assemble Resident Database, get an efficient website, converse Chat. Also utilize the ADDA premium packages with the Builder’s subscription made on behalf of the Association/Strata Management

Subsequent to MCST/OAM/Community Management Company taking over collection of maintenance charges

Employ our premium packages developed for your unique requirements.

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ADDA Success Stories

Discover how World’s leading Apartment Management Software can help you.

ADDA makes decision making process simple and easy, while involving residents in it. With ADDA team’s help, we saw an increase of 85% in maintenance payment using payment gateway of the app. Deployment of ADDA was a breeze. There have been improvements in the app and their modules. ADDA is a smart, digital tool that has made our life better and convenient.

Pankaj Raina Ex- President, Shobha Nagasandra

Instead of Stand Alone Solutions we thought it’s better to implement an Integrated Solution. From Management we have Single View to what’s happening in the complex – from Accounting to Security. Residents have to download One App, where along with payments to society, helpdesk tickets, with GateKeeper, they also gets visitor lists, staff attendance, etc.

Mr. Rahul Mahajan Nagarjuna GreenRidge Bangalore

ADDA’s Helpdesk feature helped us in registering automated complaints and to track time taken to close an issue. With the Accounting module, we can keep track of defaulters and maintenance due. Defaulting has decreased from 30-40% to less than 5%, with ADDA. Invoice generation has become easy. Auditors can audit our accounts through their ADDA login credentials from anywhere.

Sandeep Pai Treasurer, Century Indus

ADDA, The Apartment Management Software - Success Stories

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