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Unbelievable title to this article, isn’t it? It is absolutely justified to wonder if at all an apartment management system can cease to be a headache for the management committee members. Collecting maintenance dues, utility bills, compiling a defaulter list, charting budget, income, expenses, maintaining the books, managing apartment facilities, setting up stern apartment security system, keeping the residents involved in community building activities are some of the basic responsibilities of a management committee member. Yet, here we are. Claiming these duties and serious responsibilities can be accomplished without much of a sweat. Naturally, the very obvious question arises – how?

Let Go Your Apartment Management Headaches Today with ADDA, The Apartment Management System

The answer is short and simple – technology. Technology is that messiah, the world needed to keep up with its growing demands. It cuts down workload remarkably, increases efficiency and has the potential to be a sustainable approach to most issues we face on a daily basis. There are very few fields that have still not been touched by the powers of technology. And then there are fields like apartment management. Management of gated communities have been one of the most underrated responsibilities. Management committee members are an unappreciated lot doing a thankless voluntary job. The creation of cloud based apartment management system is a small way of showing the MCs, the value we attach to the time and effort they devote to assist in building better communities around the world.

With The Right Apartment Management System, Numbers Aren’t That Scary 

An average gated community earns approximately close to a few lakhs per quarter as maintenance alone. There are added incomes in the form of facility bookings, utility charges and interests, assuming the association has investments in the name of the apartment complex. In an apartment management system, the accounting infrastructure must be dealt with the same seriousness as the apartment security system. Accounting and security form the backbone of gated communities.

A manual accounting system is not only prone to errors, but difficult to oversee and track on a daily basis. With a software system in place, the income and expenditures are visible on the dashboard with a few clicks. The records are available for access to other managing committee members, ensuring everyone is in the know about the financial status of their community. A software based accounting system is practically paperless and with a cloud based record storage, there is no fear of losing important records. Vendor payments, purchase requests, comparison of expenditure and savings with respect to previous years are streamlined. All information is available at one place. A clean record keeping is of great assistance to the auditor during the annual audits. The plus point? Defaulting percentage comes down to contribute to increasing income.

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Facility Maintenance Made Breezy

Facilities like swimming pools, gyms, clubhouses, community halls or tennis courts are some of the common privileges available to residents for their use. However, most residents are often unaware of booking procedure, charges and facility usage rules and regulations. Facilities are equivalent to investments that has the potential to earn interest on them if used wisely. That is where digital apartment management system comes in handy. With automated booking calendars and online payment options, the management committee can earn revenue and use the facilities to their full potential. It rules out the issues of double booking and ad hoc requests. With document sharing features, every resident can be made aware of the rules and regulations of using the facilities without going through the hassle of informing every booking party of the dos and don’ts repeatedly. With improvised facility management modules, they can even be integrated to the apartment security system to check entries and exits.

Facility Management is made easy with ADDA

Everybody and Everything Gets By With A Little Help – Right Apartment Management System in our case

A gated community requires constant love, care and attention like a proper beloved spouse. That is not possible without the existence of an efficient maintenance system. If every minor problem, required a walk to the association office and running around to be solved, it will show on the upkeep of the community as a whole. A methodical system of maintaining an apartment community goes a long way and ultimately increases the valuation of the units in the real estate market. Apartment management software makes it easier to communicate to vendors and maintenance in-charges for prompt resolution of matters requiring attention. It also helps to coordinate beautification of the premises. A well knit system is cost effective, saving the committee thousands of rupees lost to shoddy jobs that need to be repeatedly corrected. An effective structure leads to better utilisation as well. The same organisation can be used to implement sustainable initiatives like rainwater harvesting, solar power, waste management arrangements.

Being On The Safe Side. Always!

It is always better to be safe than sorry. A successful apartment management system is not possible without the presence of an orderly apartment security system. To err is human is a common phrase we have all grown up, hearing. This is perhaps the most applicable when setting up a security system. Installation of CCTV cameras and biometric devices is one way to go about it. However, records stored by these devices are dependant on hardware systems. A simple malfunction can delete terabytes worth of important security data. Therefore, it is always necessary to have a cloud based arrangement that makes data retrieval easy. Software dealing with apartment management system helps to keep a meticulous database of all entries and exits, regular visitors like staff, delivery personnel, caregivers and vendors. It helps to track the attendance of community human resources, along with water pilferaging, overstaying of visitors. A combination of software and hardware security system, powered by human instinct is a sure guarantee for a safe community – the home to children, elderly citizens and women, who are the most vulnerable sections of our society.

There Is No Key Better Than Communication

So what ties up all the points discussed above to create the perfect community? Communication. If residents and MCs do not communicate freely and productively, none of the tenets and best practices of apartment management can be executed flawlessly. Software gives a dedicated platform to communicate entirely about apartment related topics. It helps the MCs have a more democratic set up, leading to transparent management. The more the communication, the easier it is to involve residents in community activities creating stronger bonders, healthier societies and united neighbours.

Communication is a vital part of Apartment Management

Apartment management will never be an easy task. It requires as much effort as maintaining an office structure. However, this task can be made easier with a little faith on technology. The constant stress of work life and family life is more than enough. Let apartment management be a fun productive co-curricular involvement that helps MCs develop not only into better managers, but also stronger human beings.

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