When Trash Is Resource – Kochhar Style

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Waste generation is a daily habit of each one of us. And unfortunately, a bad habit at that. With the majority of our waste ending in landfills and producing greenhouse gases, waste management is the need of the day. It is of utmost importance for the long run to execute a sustainable waste management initiative.

Apartment communities generate tonnes of waste every single day. Therefore, when an apartment community takes the conscious decision to be accountable for their waste, it helps the environment around, in more ways than one.

Kochhar Panchsheel is a leader in their area of tackling a pressing environmental issue. With a strong waste segregation programme in place, this apartment community sends out only 1/3rd of the waste generated to the municipal waste collection.

What Did They do?

Waste Management Segregation is initiated in KP as part of bringing awareness about the environment and economic concern, by the resident owners and volunteers from each floor with able support of the Association. Though everyone is aware of segregation, after running into initial hassles and hardships, volunteers devised a plan to make waste segregation a habit. It’s a matter of understanding and more about responsible behaviour.

The women have taken the initiative to educate the housekeeping staff on the nitty-gritties of waste management and strictly insists on making waste segregation a habit. Household waste is separated as wet, dry recyclable and reject wastes clearly by the residents in homes and dropped into clearly marked bins in common place which are monitored by the janitors. Janitors are hired for 24×7 rotational shifts. Their work is to monitor if properly segregated waste is dropped by residents to respective bins. If mixed and improperly segregated waste is noted, he has to inform volunteers for proper action and education.

The dry recyclable waste are taken by waste vendor and is used for welfare of the housekeeping staff. The reject waste is transferred to main bins for corporation to collect. About 10 tonnes of wet waste is dumped in composting pits being constructed to fuel the plantations of “Terrace Farming”.

How Did They Go About It?

Instructions were distributed pictorially with brochures and orientation programs conducted frequently to educate and implement the knowledge. Floor wise inspections were done by volunteers to ensure every resident abides by the waste segregation rules. With greater efforts of owners and volunteers and dedicated work done by housekeeping staff, managing waste has become easier for Kochhar Panchsheel.

The Impact

Other than recyclable waste given to scrap vendor, plastic package covers and other plastics are collected and sent to corporation for putting plastic roads in Tiruvallur district. The residents take pride for not throwing plastic as litter to ensure a plastic free environment.

Just one simple idea – waste segregation. Yet the benefits are manifold ranging from added incentives for housekeeping staff to contributing making roads from trash.

Kochhar Panchsheel – Rise High Awards 2019 Nominee 

Category : Waste Management

Rise High Awards 2020 is back with a bang! This year we have dedicated the Awards to recognise and reward MCs, Community Staff, Residents, etc. who have shown outstanding courage to conquer the challenges of the pandemic to benefit their Community. Nominate your Community Heroes here by January 10, 2021.

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