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The entire machinery of our lives would come to a standstill if one day our housekeepers, cooks, drivers, security guards decide to stop coming to work. Domestic work is one of the most underrated services in this country. We do not realise the value of the domestic staff unless they take a leave for a day. This workforce forms the backbone of the country. They take away a lot of our household worries and assist us to focus on other endeavours.

Deccan Palms Villa recognises the contribution of the domestic staff in our daily lives. They have diligently taken initiatives to acknowledge the importance of this workforce. They are working to create an inclusive social fabric where the staff members are not relegated to the margins, rather respected and acknowledged for the contribution they make to our daily lives. 

Why and How Did They Do It?

“Domestic labour or care is an integral element of global society as it changes society and makes all walks of people to work as a team to complete a society”, Sheetal Purohit, Committee Member of Deccan Palms sums up their motivation to work for the marginalised.

Understanding their significant necessity in our lives, the residents of Deccan Palms Villa tried to initiate as many projects or training programs catering to the needs of domestic staff (inclusive of security, housekeepers and drivers of the layout) exclusively.

The residents provide sanitary napkins in their First Aid Box for female staff absolutely free of cost. With this initiative, they have created increased awareness around menstrual hygiene and women’s health issues. They also provide medicines and bandages free of cost to domestic workers. The children of the residents were involved in executing this initiative. They have very dearly and sensitively made the First Aid Kit book for the staff to fill in as and when they use the supplies in it.

The residents organise regular donation drives for the staff during seasonal changes. They provide Rain Coats, Rain Boots, Shawls and Blankets to the staff to ensure the elements of nature do not affect them negatively.

Future Plans

Deccan Palms Villa intends to have training program of Self Defense for all female housekeepers as they want them to feel safe and secure wherever they go.

An inclusive society cannot be built in a day. It needs to practice inclusivity more than preaching about it. Deccan Palms does exactly that. They ensure the staff are always part of programmes like dinner parties, celebrations, significant days like Independence Day, New Year etc. They believe in fostering togetherness and oneness in their community.

Deccan Palms Villa – Rise High Awards 2019 Nominee

Category – Domestic Staff Welfare

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