Budgeting for Apartment Owners Associations

Is it that time of the Year when you have to think of your apartment budgeting for the next?

If you are the Treasurer or Financial Controller, there is good chance you are spending plenty time understanding the previous year expenses, and preparing a budget for next year.

Have you often wondered if the per sq feet rate you are charging is more / less or just right!

Here is relief for you. In the form of BUDGETING feature of ADDA ERP!

The Budgeting feature is part of the Expense Tracker module of ADDA ERP.

You can now know what was your previous year’s expenses against each expense head just in a click. This helps you to prepare a new budget in a few minutes.

Apartment budgeting

Here are some of the benefits that you get out of Budgeting in ADDA ERP.

  1. Find Actual Expense versus Budget, on each expense heads at any point of time.
  2. Gives you control over your expenditure
  3. Prevents Overspending
  4. Find out where over-spending has happened
  5. Enables you to save for unexpected expenses
  6. Validate your Maintenance Charges
  7. Saves your valuable time

Get into Expense Tracker and you will find Budgeting set up option. Yes, now you can set up your apartment budgeting on ADDA, track the variance with your actual expenses and know the per-unit price based on the budgeting!  And you have useful reports on the budget too!

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