Budgeting In Apartments

Apartment Budgeting 101 : Interactive Webinar

Team ADDA organised a special Interactive Webinar Episode on January 23, 2021 on the nuances of Budgeting In Apartments. Here are the takeaways from the Session. Budgeting In Apartments :…

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A very happy New Year to you. 2020 was a year of New Challenges for each of us. But we are delighted to have closed it on a high note….

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pet care in vacation

Pet Care During Vacations

The moment pet parents think of taking a vacation, the first question to strike their mind is “Where do we keep our four legged baby?” Pet care in vacation is…

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This Is Not The Year We Compete ADDA is back with Rise High Awards 2020. This is a year like we have never seen before in our lifetime. This is…

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Comprehensive Society Management App

ADDA One – One App, One Database!

So what is all this talk about getting your Residential community matters onto a single comprehensive society management app? Well, we all love to have things organised. Apart from satiating…

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Emergency Numbers for Cyclone Nivar – Chennai

Tamil Nadu, we are with you through Cyclone Nivar. Here’s a list of Cyclone Nivar Emergency Numbers to contact, just in case : Toll Free Emergency Helpline : 1913Chennai Corporation…

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ADDA RevGen : An Innovative Apartment Revenue Generation Programme

Money usually makes the world go round. It’s a fact in stone and we cannot ignore it. The Founders of ADDA realised way back in 2009 the importance of Financial…

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Data Privacy in ADDA

The Vision of Data Privacy in ADDA

Data privacy – for over half a decade this phrase has gradually but surely entered our daily parlance. As consumers we have been made aware of the significance of our…

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Contact-less Visitor Entry

Contact-Less Visitor Entry – With Zero Hardware Cost

COVID-19 has been the cause of several innovations in the field of Technology. ADDA has been on an Innovation & Enhancement roll since the beginning of the year. ADDA ERP…

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Best Gate Management System

Best Gate Management System – Top 5 Questions To Ask

Security has always been one of the primary concerns for any housing society or gated community. Back in the good old days, this security was taken care of by our…

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