Important message for RWAs from BBMP

The Recent rise in Covid Cases in Apartment Communities in Bangalore has prompted Mr. Randeep D, Special Commissioner of BBMP to share the below Video Message. It urges RWAs to Sustain…

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MC’s Guide to Selecting the Best Society Management Software

If you are a member of the owners association committee of a gated residential community and if you are confused about deciding which management software to purchase for your community,…

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Apartment Association Election for Society Management

Online Ballot For Association Election

Would you be one of those communities who are thinking hard of how to conduct their committee or apartment association election this year? If yes, read on. ADDA has amazing…

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Covid Fight

Tools on ADDA for Communities to fight COVID-19

Amidst multiple Lockdowns, everyone working from home, a lot of action has moved to Residential Communities. With greater responsibility on Community Management, their technology of choice must also evolve quickly…

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ADDA App now has a New UI

This blog post introduces the brand new UI of the ADDA App. It gives a peek into the driving force to change the UI, the challenges faced and the singular objective that caused the birth and successful accomplishment of this change.

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Steps being taken by Residential Communities to fight COVID-19

With Schools closed, Malls shuttered, and most offices declaring Work-From-Home, everyone is at home! This means the onus on Apartment Communities is greater to keep everyone safe and contain the…

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COVID-19 Precautions for Apartment Communities

Guest Post by Prasanna Krishnamurthy. To inform apartment/gated communities about necessary COVID-19 precautions to be taken among residents and mitigate impact to families. Situation Overview India now has 110+ confirmed…

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Condo Security

Digitising Condo Security

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. It ranks first in terms of Law and Order Index. This not only ensures the security of the people living…

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Singapore-The green city of Asia

The Green City of Asia Cuts Down On Paper In Condo Transactions

Singapore, a small nation, is the greenest city in Asia. With 500 square km total area, the entire 5 million population is urbanized. More than 90% of the population own…

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