Rise High Story Collection

The Unsung Community Guardians

To stay away from your family for work, especially during a pandemic – we simply cannot imagine how heartbreaking that must feel. But you get to see them all around…

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Smoking In Apartments

Should Smoking Be Banned in Private Apartment Units?

Smoking – a habit that remains one of the most controversial topics discussed in our society. According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey released in 2016-17, around 11% of Indians…

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Housing Society Management


If you are reading this, chances are that you have recently moved in or are planning to move into a housing society. Or perhaps, you are a recently appointed management…

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Rise High Story

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop : Communities that sailed through the Pandemic with unstoppable tenacity!

Some communities followed COVID protocols to the dot. Some celebrated festivals virtually and some communities fought off any and every issue that they encountered. Others, like the ones mentioned in…

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Rise High Story : Being Kind

BEING KIND: Little acts of kindness that will warm your heart!

The COVID crisis brought so many ups and downs in our lives. Our COVID heroes not only managed to arrange for the basic supplies, but they also lent us a…

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THERE IS NO ‘I’ IN TEAM : COVID management teams who conquered the Pandemic!

Great teams are not built in a single day. During the pandemic, the management committees of these communities provided quick solutions to problems and beautifully executed the action plans for…

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Unflinching Dedication : How these COVID warriors stood tall in the face of adversity!

When the pandemic started, panic was widespread. Fake news and misinformation were rampant, and it was natural for people to worry because of the COVID related deaths that occurred. In…

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You know what’s genuinely heartwarming about this year’s Rise High Awards? The thoughtful and selfless initiatives made towards our COVID warriors like the community staff and security. This year made…

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5 Christmas and New Year Celebration Hacks in Pandemic

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas and New Year are finally upon us. We’re all left wondering how a festive celebration in pandemic is going to look like. While this holiday season…

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community mental health

How Apartment Residents Can Help Neighbours with Anxiety Issues?

Introduction Amid the hustle and bustle of life, we find ourselves dealing with so many things at a time. In an ever-changing world that never seems to stop, life can…

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