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Zest For Life: Saviours Who Kept The Flame Of Community Spirit Alive

While it was crucial to follow the physical and infrastructure aspects of COVID management to the T, it was also important to keep the community spirit alive by making residents…

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Apartment Resident Rights

Apartment Resident Rights: The Dos & Don’ts of Society Life

With gated community starting to become the most preferred choice of property investment, it becomes important for everyone to be aware of their rights as a Resident. While there are…

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Budgeting In Apartments

Apartment Budgeting 101 : Interactive Webinar

Team ADDA organised a special Interactive Webinar Episode on January 23, 2021 on the nuances of Budgeting In Apartments. Here are the takeaways from the Session. Budgeting In Apartments :…

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Housing Society Management


If you are reading this, chances are that you have recently moved in or are planning to move into a housing society. Or perhaps, you are a recently appointed management…

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Raise service tickets on the go

Community Helpdesk – Raise Maintenance Service Requests on the Go!

Imagine this. You’ve got guests coming over for lunch on a Sunday. You have been putting up with that leaky tap in your washbasin the entire week as you did…

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Online polls

Tap to Vote: ADDA Polls

In order to maintain social distancing, communities have moved committee elections, general body meetings, and other communications to online platforms. In fact, the participation of community members in online polls…

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Corruption in Housing Societies


Introduction to Corruption in Housing Societies During the period between 1960 to 2001, the number of registered co-operative housing societies increased from roughly 5,500 to more than 1,00,000, a survey…

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ADDA RevGen : An Innovative Apartment Revenue Generation Programme

Money usually makes the world go round. It’s a fact in stone and we cannot ignore it. The Founders of ADDA realised way back in 2009 the importance of Financial…

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Data Privacy in ADDA

The Vision of Data Privacy in ADDA

Data privacy – for over half a decade this phrase has gradually but surely entered our daily parlance. As consumers we have been made aware of the significance of our…

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Best Gate Management System

Best Gate Management System – Top 5 Questions To Ask

Security has always been one of the primary concerns for any housing society or gated community. Back in the good old days, this security was taken care of by our…

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