Knock, Knock. Who’s there?

Don’t let an unknown visitor reach your door. With the help of the Gatekeeper Module, you can approve or deny visitors to your house at the community gate with just…

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ADDA RevGen : An Innovative Apartment Revenue Generation Programme

The Founders of ADDA realised way back in 2009, the importance of Financial Sustainability for apartment communities globally. Keeping that vision in mind, introducing the ADDA RevGen Engine – a…

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Responsibilities of Society Management

Roles & Responsibilities of A Society Management Committee

Resident Welfare Associations are vital to the overall upkeep of a Community’s health. Every community irrespective of its size has four major requirements – social harmony, administrative unity, financial security…

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Rights & Duties of tenants

Rights & Duties of Tenants In A Housing Society

Fun fact : Did you know that in a standard gated community, close to 40% of the resident population is tenants? In such a scenario, where tenancy is increasing with…

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Discrimination in housing societies

Discrimination In Housing Societies

Society Management is about SAFE – building a society that is Socially, Administratively, Financially and Environmentally sound. Societies in India are as cosmopolitan as they can get. While the positives…

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Independence Day Celebrations

5 Ways You Can Celebrate Independence Day With Social Distancing

Yes we know all about Social Distancing and all about government orders banning gathering. But, we guarantee you Independence Day Celebrations this year still need not be dampened. Granted, it…

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Covid Fight

Tools on ADDA for Communities to fight COVID-19

Amidst multiple Lockdowns, everyone working from home, a lot of action has moved to Residential Communities. With greater responsibility on Community Management, their technology of choice must also evolve quickly…

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Gated Communities - The Future of Affordable Living

Gated Communities – The Future of Affordable Housing

“What is this life if, full of care. We have no time to stand and stare.” W.H.Davies wondered and modern times provided the answer. A life full of care deserves a…

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ADDA Gatekeeper Grabs “Premium Usability Award” for Visitor Management Software Category

Trusted by thousands of Apartment/Condo residents, ADDA is continuously working to provide everyone with state-of-the-art and reliable apartment management services. In light of this, FinancesOnline, a popular B2B software review…

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Can Visitor Management System Replace Security Hardware Investments?

Security – the one thing humanity can never get enough of. No matter how hard we try and how much technology moves forward by leaps and bounds, somebody always finds…

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