Wishlist for Housing Society AGMs

It is April, and it is AGM time. While you get ready to ensure your Housing Society Management System – ADDA’s Admin Reports are ready to be shared or printed,…

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Apartment Maintenance Charge Calculation

Complete Guide On How To Calculate Maintenance Charge For Apartment

Every Housing Society or Apartment Owners Association at its formative stages has to decide on the structure of apartment maintenance charge it will collect.  through apartment maintenance app. Step 1: As…

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Housing Society

Complete Builder to Housing Society Handover Checklist

Quite a few ADDA users are Multi-Dwelling Complexes that have formed the Housing Society and are in the process of taking Control & Maintenance Handover from the Builder. We hope…

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Happy Holi! – Notice Template

Dear Cultural Committees, While Residents get ready with their Pichkaris and Colours, you have to get the Notice ready to guide Residents towards a Happy Holi for everyone! Here is…

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Mutuality Principle - Apartment Management

A guide to Apartment Owners Association in Bangalore

Come March – the typical fiscal year end, most Apartment Complexes in India get busy with their annual elections – to elect a new Management Committee of the Apartment Owners’…

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