dancing in apartment

Dancing in Apartment Disturbing Downstairs Neighbours? Read this!

Here’s a point of view: You are a dancer who has newly moved into the top floor of an Apartment. You’re pumped about your first dance practice in the new…

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community management in oman

ADDA: Your VAT Ready Partner in Community Management

Oman introduced VAT at a rate of 5% in April 2021. When it did so, it became the fourth member of the GCC to introduce a VAT system: Saudi Arabia,…

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5 Natural Snake Repellents for your Community

Snakes, like every other living creature are an essential part of the natural world. Believe it or not, they actually help keep pest populations in check. But that doesn’t mean…

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migration from MyGate

Migration From MyGate App to ADDA

Portability is not exclusive of phone numbers alone. Did you know you can now opt for society accounting data migration from MyGate society management app to ADDA? The best news…

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Residential Communities

Good Karma Board for Residential Communities

“A Neighbour in need is a Neighbour indeed.” ADDA has been the official platform for many Residential Communities on which residents rely on to get the correction information and necessary…

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Apartment E-Waste management

Apartment E-Waste management – Best practices

“Waste isn’t waste until we waste it.” Did you know? Recycling 1 million laptops saves the energy saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by 3,657 homes in a…

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5 indoor plants in apartments that are perfect

As apartment residents, we take up so many thoughtful measures to liven up the spaces we reside in. We arrange every nook, every corner and space with such dedication in…

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Zero Waste Lifestyle in Apartments

Zero waste lifestyle in Apartments – Waste Management

Did you know? Currently, about 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste is generated annually with at least 33% not managed in an environmentally safe manner. An average person generates…

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Housing society inheritance

Processing Housing society inheritance

Before we proceed let us gain a clear understanding of some legal terms with regard to Housing society inheritance: Inheritance – The practice of transferring property, title, debts, rights, and…

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Housing society management issues


What is Building Management? Any Apartment Complex or a Housing Society’s central aim is to provide a holistic living experience. Apartments have evolved from being just a roof over your…

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