Poetree Apartment: nomination for the Rise High Awards

Poetree Apartment: Environmental Initiatives That’s Making a Difference

Amidst the growing urgency of environmental issues, it is truly inspiring to witness communities joining forces to take action. Poetree Apartment Owner Association, led by President Pankaj Kumar, has undertaken…

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Residential security system

Resident Security System in Multifamily Buildings: How to Stay Safe and Secure

As the number of multifamily buildings grows, it becomes increasingly essential to prioritize resident security. Choosing the best security system for a multifamily property can be difficult since there are…

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Prestige Ferns

Prestige Ferns Residency: Finalist for Rise High Awards in Community Governance

As our world faces increasing environmental challenges, sustainable living has become a pressing need for individuals and communities alike. In this regard, many housing societies have stepped up and taken…

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Looking back at 2022: Our year in review

It has been a while since 2023 has arrived. While the year changed, some things rarely change. Like resolutions to make this year count, and renewed commitment from all of…

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Discover for Associations – Find 150+ Services, Vendors, Products & more!

Community Managers and Management Committee Members spend an inordinate amount of time in finding the right Vendor for Maintenance of the Community. Thus, ADDA plugs this gap with the launch…

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Webinar on Society AGM – Takeaways

It is that time of the year when societies across India are gearing up for their Society AGM. ADDA conducted a webinar on ‘All You Need to Know About Society…

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ADDA App now has a New UI

This blog post introduces the brand new UI of the ADDA App. It gives a peek into the driving force to change the UI, the challenges faced and the singular objective that caused the birth and successful accomplishment of this change.

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Hiring a property Manager - Boon or Bane?

Hiring a Property Manager – A Boon or Bane?

In this century of having technology deliver food to you to curing your health via online doctors from your mobile, Time is Money. Reduction in the time used up in…

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Future of residential buildings

Future of Residential Buildings

Did you know apartment living dates back to the 3rd century? Researchers have found traces of 3-7 storied buildings in ancient Rome during that period! But how has it evolved…

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Testimonial – Calcutta Greens Tower

Here is what the current MC Team has to say: With the recommendation from one of our neighbours, we started evaluating your platform and we were pleasantly surprised by the…

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