All about Facility Management – Software, Benefits & More!

The value of every property or Gated Community depends on various factors. As Real Estate evolves, so do these factors. Gated Communities that offer state-of-the-art, high maintenance facilities like Swimming…

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Online Facility Booking

Make the most of Community Living!

Gone are the days when you have to make trips to the community management office to book common facilities. Take advantage of the benefits of Facility Booking Module and make…

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Facility Management Software

Hassle Free Community Recreation

Modern gated communities are no less than luxury resorts with several facilities at hand for the benefit of the residents. Spread across acres of land, these communities boast state of…

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ADDA – Facility Booking Upgrades

Dear ADDA Users, facility booking software We have released a bunch of upgrades on your Facility Booking Software. 1. Introducing “Tatkal Period” For facilities with huge demand, you can now…

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Online Facility Booking upgraded

Two important upgrades have been provided to the Facility Booking Application: 1. Slot-wise Booking – As of now the Facility Booking Add-On had the functionality of Hour-wise Rates and Bookings….

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Testimonial -Paramount Raghavendra Arisht ADDA

G Mukund, President (2010),Paramount Raghavendra Arisht ADDA says: “The service levels of our support staff as well as the turnaround time for attending complaints has become visibly better” “It has been…

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