Gate Security Hardware Integration

The Need For Hardware Integration For Gate Security

As apartment living becomes common with each passing day, housing society security has become a recurring topic of discussion among management committee members. An all round effective security system is…

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Temperature Check & Record In GateKeeper

Staff Temperature Check Record : GateKeeper Feature Release

The coronavirus symptoms are by now well known : cold, fever, sore throat, cough. From the very onset of the pandemic, temperature check has been one of the first weapons…

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GateKeeper in Dubai

GateKeeper in Dubai – Modern City Problems Require Modern Solutions

Dubai has been witnessing a steady drop in crime rates, making it one of the safest cities in the world. The occurrences are low enough to give a feeling of…

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App Based Security System – Avoiding the BlindSpots

As a part of ADDA GateKeeper team, we find it a great honour to be entrusted with the Security Gate Automation of Residential Communities – to be of service in…

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What Apartment Residents say about Security in Apartment Complexes

Security is one of the main reasons why most residents choose Apartment Living. Gated complexes usually are walled and protected with presence of security guards at gates. Apartment complex security is…

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Gatekeeper App to Bolster Security in your Residential Complex

The main reason why most of the urban population prefer to stay in an apartment complex is because of the security it offers. Security for the Property and Security for…

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New Year Resolutions for Residents of Apartment Complex, Housing Society

It’s the New Year; the time to take new resolutions and set new goals. Why don’t we set a goal this year to make Living in an Apartment the Delightful…

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5 Steps to Transform Security of your Apartments – Gatekeeper App

One of the main reasons why people choose to live in Gated Communities is the security of their Home and Family.  However, the Security Gate is one of the most…

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The New and Improved ADDA Gatekeeper is here!

We have progressed and embraced digitization in every way, then why should our apartment visitor management not advance too? Now you can replace the manual register at your Society Gate…

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