Hiring a property Manager - Boon or Bane?

Hiring a Property Manager – A Boon or Bane?

In this century of having technology deliver food to you to curing your health via online doctors from your mobile, Time is Money. Reduction in the time used up in…

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adda on apple watch

Housing Society App – ADDA Is Now Available On Apple Watch

Here’s some great news for Apple product lovers! ADDA, The Housing Society App is now available on the Apple smartwatch. Users can now access select features from their Apple watches…

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New features and Oasis Breeze goes live!

Apartment Adda is a month old now! It is hardly a milestone when we compare ourselves against business giants who have seen centuries go past while they strive incessantly to…

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Launching ADDA

Hello World !! We are happy to announce the launch of ApartmentAdda.com – an online communication and management portal built for apartment communities. You can find more about Apartment Adda…

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