Welcome to Mahaveer Maple Owners Welfare Association Owners and Residents Forum

Welcome to Mahaveer Maple ADDA!

If you are an Owner, or Tenant residing in Mahaveer Maple, then join this group.

ADDA will be Primary source to connect with Maple Association Management Team.

In ADDA you can hangout with all fellow residents and owners of Mahaveer Maple. You get to know each other, have conversations, form groups, share photos, manage your apartment and stay connected to your management committee or resident welfare association. Together we grow as a community. Join us and be a part of our smart and vibrant community!

Also, do not forget to download the ADDA app for Android or iOS to stay connected to your apartment and neighbours from anywhere!

Process to Get ADDA Access:

1) Owner:

Step:1 -> Ensure that you had completed the Mahaveer Maple Association Membership Registration. This is Mandatory step for all owners in Maple.

Step:2 -> MC-Team will update your details in ADDA after which an email will be sent to your registered email with login details.

***After completing above two steps you are all set to access ADDA as Owner, if any further issues write to "Mahaveermaple.mc@gmail.com"

2) Resident:

Step:1 -> Your primary channel with association is your flat owner, so please consult him/her to get access to ADDA.

Step:2 -> Owner has to submit Resident details form filled-in, Tenancy Agreement (striking off financials), Valid Govt-id proofs of residents.

Step:3 -> Only one resident can get access for each flat. Ex: If a flat is rented then Owner will get access and 1-Primary resident individual will get access.

***For any further support for Residents please contact your Owner.

For any queries please write to mahaveermaple.mc@gmail.com


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