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Welcome to Urban Nirvana Forum.

To maintain the overall sanctity of Urban Nirvana ADDA, we have set down a set of guidelines describing behaviour which is allowed in Urban Nirvana forum.

Discussion Forum:
When starting a new discussion, please check that you aren’t duplicating an existing discussion thread or creating one that is very similar.

Controversy or entertainment is OK, but not hate speech or calling neighbors/staff a derogatory name. Keeping posts calm also makes it easier for us to collect feedback – both positive and negative. Extreme violations may result in account bans without warning.

Any posts which violates ToS of this site is prohibited.

Do not post private information. (Example: Personal contact or account information, such as email addresses, credit cards, or bank information, A person’s legal or medical history, unless there is a compelling public interest served by doing so)

Such posts maybe moderated and removed.

Promoting Local Businesses
We encourage you to list your businesses and services in ADDA. Such posting can be done in “Buzzar>Classifieds” section. However any promotion is not allowed. Posting about your business on multiple occasions counts to promoting.

Do not use profanity. Ensure that all neighbors feel welcome, safe, and respected. Hate speech is not allowed.

Direct Message
ADDA forum has the option for users to send Private Messages. It is against the forum rules to copy/paste content from these private messages or take screen shots of them and post the content on the public forum.
ADDA is not a place for publicly resolving personal disputes and grievances. Use private messages to resolve personal disputes, or better yet, get together in person to resolve the matter amicably. 

Conflicts of Interest
If you write a recommendation for a businesses which belongs to any friend or relative or from your networking group, please disclose your relationship with that business or person. You must disclose any financial interest, such as being an owner or investor of the business you are recommending. Do not recommend a business, service, or product if you have received any form of payment in return for writing a recommendation. Do not write negative comments where you have a conflict of interest. For example, posting negative or false statements about competitors in your industry.

Society Helpdesk

If you have maintenance issues or complaints or queries regarding our apartment complex, or in case you want to get in touch with the Management Committee, then raise a Helpdesk ticket in ADDA.

By agreeing to this you are confirming to the ToS of this site as well as the forum regulations given above.

Management Committee,
Urban Nirvana

Owner Tenant

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