ONAM @ Oasis Breeze Apartments

The festival of Onam is all about relishing on the grand Onasadya (the traditional feast of), shopping, family reunion and welcoming King Mahabali by spreading good cheer. This festival in a community celebration has its own charm.IMG_2007

Oasis Breeze the home of ADDA celebrated Onam in  a traditional way. What else could have made the celebration a grand success  than for the complete Breezers(  Oasis Breeze residents) participation.

There was the traditional Pookalam( flowers rangoli), Onasadya( plantain leaf  platter for the festival), dance, IMG_2053song , lights , music  and  best of all the  spirit of wearing a  traditional  Kerala attire for the celebration.

Breezers   started the Onam with Pookalam, community sport events like Tug of war  followed  by Onasadya. Late evening there was lighting of lamps, followed by cultural events like dance  and song.

The fun , the colours of festival, the lights, the music and most important  all the Breezers coming together  is what made the Onam Celebrations a cherished one in Oasis Breeze Apartment.


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