Track AMCs for Community Assets

Asset Management Has Never Been Easier!

If you are a part of the Community Asset Management team, you would know that maintaining the multiple assets in a Residential Community like Generator, Transformer, Lifts to Gym equipments…

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Bringing to you a brand new Move-In process!

Move-In processes for Residential Communities often tend to become tedious, involving a lot of back and forth between Community Management teams and Owners/Tenants who are moving in. Bringing to you…

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Facility bookings made easy

In most communities, common facilities are an important part of the whole living experience. Common facilities like swimming pools, clubhouses, sports centers, etc. are popular among residents, especially on weekends…

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ADDA Admin has a Gatekeeper!

Being a part of a community management team comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is a daily hustle to make sure your community members feel safe, secure, and happy….

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Changes are good, Announcement manager.

The announcement manager is a feature in the ADDA ERP which helps in keeping track of announcements posted in a community, viewing details related to any announcements and approval requests….

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Good Karma Board farewell illustration

Good Karma Board, You Did Good.

When the COVID-19 virus kicked in, taking the world to a standstill; many residents living in communities were not able to get their basic necessities. Later as the pandemic spread,…

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ADDA Central Command Centre Upgrade Illustration

The Central Command Centre gets to the level of CCC+

As a Decision Maker, you always wanted LIVE visibility across all your Communities. Now you have it, with the launch of the New CCC – Your all new Central Command…

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Admin App Blog banner

ADDA Admin App Returns in a Brand New Avatar

If you are a Community Manager (with a Developer, OA, HOA, Society, Association, RWA, etc), you are to be found mostly away from your desk than at it. So, a…

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How to Track Vaccination Status of your Community?

India has achieved the miraculous feat of vaccinating 50% of its Adult population. The 50% mark is reassuring when cases of Indians being infected with the Omicron variant are being…

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Discover for Associations – Find 150+ Services, Vendors, Products & more!

Community Managers and Management Committee Members spend an inordinate amount of time in finding the right Vendor for Maintenance of the Community. Thus, ADDA plugs this gap with the launch…

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