Composting & Waste Management For Apartment Communities in COVID Age – Interactive Webinar

50% of all household waste generated is wet waste. Remote working is the norm now and looking at the general trend, it’s set to become the new normal for quite…

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For Apartment Communities In The Age Of COVID : Health & Waste Management – Interactive Webinar

ADDA launched the Neighborhoods Of Tomorrow – Interactive Webinar Series on May 1, 2020 with the first Interactive Webinar in the Series. Titled “For Apartment Communities in the Age of…

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Oberoi Springs

“Planning Is Key”

In conversation with Alka Mishra, Honorary Secretary of Oberoi Springs, Mumbai, instructed to be sealed after an 11 year old occupant tested positive for COVID-19 In a world ruled by…

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Living Green; Living Clean

December 2 has been earmarked as National Pollution Control Day in India. With our air, water and land quality degrading every single day with every passing moment, it is high…

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Rise High

Rise High Awards 2019 – Comprehensive Report

Rise High Awards 2019 : 120+ Nominations from 300,000+ apartment units. Yes. That’s the extent of the overwhelming nominations received this year for Rise High Awards 2019. This award show…

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Giridhari Executive Park

When Sun Is The Coolest

The Sun is being worshiped since eternity; it has also been considered as a source of Vitamin-D energy to boost our health. In this fast-paced lifestyle, little do we realize…

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Ashok Tower Blog

Little Drops Maketh The Ocean

Water – that one element without which we cannot imagine our lives. Billions of dollars, absolute luxury and no amount of social status can buy water if we lose our…

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The Love Of Quartz

Quartz might be the second most abundant mineral on the planet; but there aren’t a lot of Quartizians striving every single day for a better and greener tomorrow. Sobha Quartz…

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Rise High Awards 2019 – Categories

“Imagine the possibilities of A Connected Community” ADDA was created with the vision to build connected communities. A connected community holds the potential to achieve sustainability within the community as…

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Rebuilding The World’s Lungs

With the Amazon rainforest burning, mindless deforestation turning a green earth into a parched brown land, we are looking forward to a deadly catastrophe. It is not unknown that trees…

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