Living Green; Living Clean

December 2 has been earmarked as National Pollution Control Day in India. With our air, water and land quality degrading every single day with every passing moment, it is high…

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Rise High

Rise High Awards 2019 – Comprehensive Report

Rise High Awards 2019 : 120+ Nominations from 300,000+ apartment units. Yes. That’s the extent of the overwhelming nominations received this year for Rise High Awards 2019. This award show…

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Giridhari Executive Park

When Sun Is The Coolest

The Sun is being worshiped since eternity; it has also been considered as a source of Vitamin-D energy to boost our health. In this fast-paced lifestyle, little do we realize…

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Ashok Tower Blog

Little Drops Maketh The Ocean

Water – that one element without which we cannot imagine our lives. Billions of dollars, absolute luxury and no amount of social status can buy water if we lose our…

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The Love Of Quartz

Quartz might be the second most abundant mineral on the planet; but there aren’t a lot of Quartizians striving every single day for a better and greener tomorrow. Sobha Quartz…

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Rise High Awards 2019 – Categories

“Imagine the possibilities of A Connected Community” ADDA was created with the vision to build connected communities. A connected community holds the potential to achieve sustainability within the community as…

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Rebuilding The World’s Lungs

With the Amazon rainforest burning, mindless deforestation turning a green earth into a parched brown land, we are looking forward to a deadly catastrophe. It is not unknown that trees…

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The Power of Five

One society. Five projects. The aim? Going Green, reducing carbon footprint, living sustainably. Raheja Eternity has been dedicatedly working to make their society sustainable and environment friendly since 2017. They…

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Serving Man’s Best Friend

Humans often forget that they are not the only species who reside in the urban space. We share our territory, no matter how urbanised, with significant other forms of life….

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Helping The Help

The entire machinery of our lives would come to a standstill if one day our housekeepers, cooks, drivers, security guards decide to stop coming to work. Domestic work is one…

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