How Do You Get Started For Free on ADDA?

On your approval, we can get you started for Free on ADDA premium packages. The trial period is offered for a month. It activates the following for your Community :…

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Gate Security Hardware Integration

The Need For Hardware Integration For Gate Security

As apartment living becomes common with each passing day, housing society security has become a recurring topic of discussion among management committee members. An all round effective security system is…

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Ganpati Darshan With Facility Management : Announcement

The pandemic is here to stay. But it has no right to dampen the festive spirit. Especially if you are an ADDA user. Make full use of the Facility Management…

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Data Privacy

Data Privacy In The World Of Visitor Management System

Picture this : You go to visit a friend’s apartment in a posh gated community. The guard politely stops you, takes a picture, asks you to enter your name, phone…

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Gate Management

The Change In Gate Dynamics – Society Management

In a matter of a few months apartment complexes, housing societies, gated communities and residential layouts have had to reconsider their gate security and visitor management system. History shows, it…

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For Apartment Communities : Cost Saving & Financial Sustainability In The New Normal – Interactive Webinar Series

The sudden crisis of the pandemic has driven home hard the need to be a financially sustainable residential community. Community sanitisation, establishing delivery kiosks, investing in new equipment to keep…

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Say No to Free ERP

What Is Wrong With Free ERP For Community Management?

The buzz around these days is all about Free ERP for Apartment Management. And does it not sound too good to be true? Think about it. An ERP mechanism is…

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In-House Delivery Hub using ADDA GateKeeper

On an average, 67% of all Outsiders entering a Gated Community are Delivery Agents. In the post-corona world, almost every Gated Community has stopped the entry of Delivery Agents, with…

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Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts For Apartment Communities

The Coronavirus pandemic has successfully drawn our attention to things we have taken for granted. One vital element among them is to keep emergency contacts handy. How To Use Emergency…

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ADDA App now has a New UI

This blog post introduces the brand new UI of the ADDA App. It gives a peek into the driving force to change the UI, the challenges faced and the singular objective that caused the birth and successful accomplishment of this change.

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