Brigade Metropolis

Brigade Metropolis Initiative: A Finalist for the Rise High Awards in Animal Welfare

India’s large population of stray dogs roaming the streets often causes conflicts with humans. While the government is responsible for managing the animal population, they need help. This is where…

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Pet Friendly Apartment

Apartment Pet Policies: A Comprehensive Guide to Rules and Regulations

When it comes to apartment hunting, pet owners face a unique set of challenges. Finding a place that accommodates furry family members can be a daunting task, as many landlords…

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Green Living

Small Changes, Big Impact: Green Living Success Stories in Multifamily Buildings

As our planet is facing the adverse effects of climate change, every individual’s efforts to reduce their carbon footprint have become more critical than ever before. Multifamily buildings play a…

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ADDA Software

The ADDA Promise – We Protect Your Data

For You who don’t like reading long content: ADDA’s Business Model does not monetise User Data. It is a Paid SaaS – it builds great products and customers pay to…

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The Ultimate Digital Guard Patrolling Solution for Complete Site Security

It’s common for gated communities to be spread over a large area. Regular monitoring is hence required by security personnel towards maintaining a safe and secure environment in the community….

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Adios COVID, you shall not be missed

Over the last couple of years, COVID had taken a toll on many of our lives. We, at ADDA, tried to do our bit by releasing features like Vaccination Tracker…

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Community Events Guide – for Residential Communities

One of the BEST parts of Community Living are the Celebrations! The Community Events that happen in the Common Area, open to all Residents to enjoy, where Residents Experience with various…

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ADDA Admin has a Gatekeeper!

Being a part of a community management team comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is a daily hustle to make sure your community members feel safe, secure, and happy….

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Still Searching for the Best Society Accounting Software in 2023? Try ADDA

Managing the finances of housing societies can be a complex task. From tracking income and expenses to managing utilities and tendering processes, there are many aspects that need to be…

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How moving in a gated community is easier with ADDA

Top 7 Things to Consider Before Moving into a Gated Community in 2022

A decade from now, the majority of homeowners lived in standalone apartments in non-gated neighborhoods. But today, with the rise of the urban living culture, people with disposable income are…

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