residential rent agreement

Moving In to a Gated Community – A Tenant’s Guide

Being a tenant in an apartment community is an experience everyone must have at least once in their lives. The independence and thrill of staying in a place by yourself…

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Smart Way to Pay your Community Dues

Every quarter around Rs. 185 Cr. community dues are paid using ADDA payment platform. From Apr 1st to Apr 8th, 2021, Rs. 40 Cr. of payment has been already made…

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BMC issues COVID SOPs for Societies in Mumbai City

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has come up with a fresh set of SOPs for housing and gated communities in light of a sudden rise in COVID-19 cases. 681 buildings…

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Apartment elevator usage guidelines

Whoever thought of the concept of elevators was a genius. Modern life in tall buildings with endless floors would have been time-consuming and tiring without elevators. That is, unless you…

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Apartment security guidelines

Apartment Security Guidelines for Residents

What is the need for Apartment security guidelines?  It’s obvious that all luxurious Gated Communities have their Apartment security guidelines and protocols in place to protect its residents and safeguard…

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Important message for RWAs from BBMP

The Recent rise in Covid Cases in Apartment Communities in Bangalore has prompted Mr. Randeep D, Special Commissioner of BBMP to share the below Video Message. It urges RWAs to Sustain…

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Rise High

Co-Operation At Its Best: How The MCs And Residents Worked Seamlessly For Noble Causes

It was only because of dedicated MC’s and resident’s teamwork that these communities planned and implemented brilliant Pandemic measures in their communities. Some of them even got recognition by authorities…

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Rise High Collection Image

Zest For Life: Saviours Who Kept The Flame Of Community Spirit Alive

While it was crucial to follow the physical and infrastructure aspects of COVID management to the T, it was also important to keep the community spirit alive by making residents…

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Dear Users, we have always been your friend. And what’s a friend, if they aren’t a friend in need? ADDA brings to you the next level of convenience. You can…

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Find Domestic Help

One Stop for all your Domestic Help Needs!

Looking for domestic help to help you with chores at home? Want to plan your day better with notifications regarding your help’s attendance? Helpers module is here to help you with all…

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