ADDA Forums and Notice Board upgraded

by Venkat

Dear Users,

We have upgraded the Adda Forums and Notice Board . Here are the list of changes :

1. Introducing Forum Topic Number

Every forum topic that was created, or you will be creating henceforth will get a unique topic number. The emails you will receive will all carry this unique number. When you reply to the forum emails, Adda mail server will use this unique topic number to match your post to the right topic.

This has other advantages – just by seeing the topic number you will know how new or old a topic is.

Note : During this transition, when you reply to an old email it will get assigned a new topic number – so a few threads might split – inform us and we will join them. This will not happen if you reply directly on the Forum after logging into ApartmentAdda.

2. Introducing reply-to sender option

For users  who are used to google-groups, we are introducing a feature where the reply-to will have the sender’s email address instead of your group’s email address. This will enable one-to-one conversation where required. You can send a request to ApartmentAdda support to enable this feature for your Adda.

3.  Breadcrumbs and Message Numbers

We have introduced breadcrumbs for easy navigation of the forum topics and posts. Also each post now carries the ordering number – like how you receive in the email.

4. Participation poll in Notice Board

For an event, like New Year party, when you create a notice you can enable a Participation Poll right on the Event notice. A resident can now RSVP saying how many are attending from their flat – so you can have a quick count of attendees for effective planning.

5. Comments in Notice Board

Now you can add your comments to a Notice. This will send an email notification to the Notice owner. You can also opt to “Watch this notice”, so any comments posted on the notice will send you an email alert as well.

ApartmentAdda Team

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