Issue Tracker Upgraded

by Venkat

Dear ADDA Users,

In the current release you will find lot of changes in our Issue Tracker Application.

Issue Tracker is one of the most used applications by the Association members to keep track of the long running projects – like Rain Water Harvesting, Handover from Builder, Exterior Re-painting etc.

Here are the list of changes you will find in our Issue Tracker.

1. UI Improvements

We are introducing a new User Interface Widget – “Issue Card“. This issue card will have the summary details of an issue like its number, category, number of updates, and a pointer if this issue had an update since your last login. issue_card_helpAlso the bottom of the issue card indicates if you are watching that issue or not.

We have grouped the issues into separate tabs Open, In Progress and Closed and also colour coded the Issue Cards based on their priority levels.

2. Watch an Issue

Once you check the “Watch This” check box, an email alert will be sent whenever an update is made on an issue. As an admin you can keep track of issues that are driven by others.

3. Issue Report

We have introduced 3 new Issue Tracker reports. These are drill down reports so from the summary report, on clicking on an issue number a pop up is shown with all the updates on the issue. This report, like all other ApartmentAdda’s Readymade Reports are dynamic, can be exported to Excel and can be published automatically to the Notice Board in Resident’s Dashboard. This gives the residents visibility into the long running projects of the Association.

Enjoy tracking your issues!

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