Single Sign-on, Masking Names & Advance Realtime Notification

by Venkat

Dear Adda Users,

We wish you a very happy and prosperous 2010.

Here are the new features that are available in your Adda now.

Single Sign-on

If you are a multiple home owner, you may be familiar with this: If you are registered and approved in multiple Addas, you can login once ( single sign-on) and  easily switch between the multiple Addas to which you belong. You used the Adda List drop down box below the Logout Button. However when you login, you will be logged in automatically to the first Adda you had registered in.

Not anymore.

Now you have a setting in My Profile page to select the “default Adda” you want to be logged in first. Later you can switch between the Addas from the DropDown.

Masking Names

You already have the ability to mask your phone numbers and email address. Starting today, you can mask your name also. Once you opt for this setting, your name will not show up on search, nor on the resident’s directory. However if you make any forum posts, notice etc – your name will be displayed.

Please note that the administrators of your Adda will have access to all the masked details ( name, email, phone ).

Advance Realtime Notification Settings

Earlier there was only one “Realtime Notification” checkbox in My Profile page that controlled the alerts for new forum posts, polls, notices or new file uploads.

Now we have separated the Realtime Notification option of Forum from the rest. This means that now you can choose to be instantly notified when a new poll or a notice is created but not get instant notifications when forum discussion happens. Please go to the My Profile page to update your notification settings.

ApartmentAdda Team

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